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balkans map 250Alfa Omega TV is a media ministry founded in 1994 and located in Timisoara, ROMANIA. Our mission is to reach Romanians living in Romania and abroad, and impact other neighboring countries and communities in the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

We are primarily involved in television, producing TV programs and airing two 24/7 channels, but we are also using print and new media to fulfill our calling.

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Learn about how we use media to accomplish our calling, ministering to the Romanian people and other communities in Eastern Europe.

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Discover a little bit about Romania, and how He has used Alfa Omega TV to spread His Word in the year that passed.


Watch testimonies from people that were impacted by our ministry: stories of salvation, healing, restoration and spiritual growth.

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tudor petanBy My Spirit, says the Lord (Zech 4:6)

Dear friends of Alfa Omega TV,

Miracles are the means through which God interferes with our life, responding to prayers, changing circumstances. For citizens of the Kingdom, the supernatural becomes a natural way of living. God is a God of love, of righteousness, but He is also a God of miracles. Where our efforts and abilities reach their limits, God works on our behalf.

A few years ago, I posted on the front door of my apartment a small yellow card on which it was written in capital letters: EXPECT A MIRACLE. Every day, when I leave the house, I cannot avoid reading this message. Sometimes, when I am heading out of my apartment, ready to start a new day, I lay my hand upon the card for a few seconds and I say: “God, I begin this day expecting to receive by faith Your miracles for me, for my dear ones and for Your work, Alfa Omega ministry.”

In October 2011, the Holy Spirit told my wife Mirela and I to write in our agenda, at the end of each day, the miracles He had done for us during that day. Writing every night, I was amazed by the many extraordinary things He did for us every day. Not a day went by without His divine intervention in our lives, without an answer from Him, without solutions to our problem, without a new understanding of things and circumstances through revelation.

The key verse that I received from the Lord back in 1994, at the beginning of our ministry, serving as a motto at Alfa Omega TV is from Zechariah 4:6: “‘Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD of hosts.”  Looking back, I see the miraculous way in which the Lord has watered and has caused to grow this Christian media ministry in a post-communist country for the past 18 years. But, besides this, He discretely, unspectacularly, and sometimes painfully performs the miracle of changing my life every day along with serving in the media ministry Alfa Omega TV. If He transformed me - an atheist who rejected God  for 40 years, focusing on his career and on the values of this world - He can cause a profound transformation in millions of Romanians.

I believe that in the near future, God will bring a season when His Church wil be empowered, just as in the day of Pentecost, in the entire nation of Romania. I believe that Alfa Omega ministry is also called to be a catalyst, one of the channels through which the overflowing of the presence, the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit will be reaching millions of Romanians.
Is He able to change a nation in just one day?

Tudor Petan
President, Alfa Omega TV


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0 # Amer Sharaf 01-01-2013 23:29
I Look for romanian drama sirese to dubet it and distrbute it in arabic world
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0 # Walter Kast 06-02-2013 20:12
Dear Tudor,
If you could succest some good evangelistic DVD's for our outreach in Mai in Apata in the chipsy village.
Thanks, Walter Kast
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+2 # Pastor Philip Kitoto 05-03-2013 11:16
Vision TV is a Kenya Assemblies media television station. We have just launched it last week and we would be very interested in partnering with other christian organization to reach the lost in the East Africa region using the Television media. We would like to request if we could have some of your programs to air in our station. We broadcast on the digital terrestrial platform in Nairobi, Kenya in english reaching 800,000 viewers. Your response will be highly appreciated, blessing.
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0 # Mark Haville 29-10-2013 02:14
I am trying to reach Tudor but lost his email address can you please contact me.

Every blessing Mark
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0 # wouter 09-09-2014 17:05

eurospirit 2014 is online!

God Bless You :)
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0 # Myron Martin 03-03-2015 21:09
Shalom Tudor, It was good to see you after so long at NRB. Please send me your direct eMail and phone number ... I will call you Best Regards, Myron, IITv News Bureau
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