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2012 - Shining God's light in the darkness

There are still millions of Romanians who need to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2012, through Alfa Omega TV channels, new media tools and our publishing house, we continued to bring the Word of God to Romanians around the world.


2012 was a year of great progress and of open doors. Our TV ratings increased, and we continued to be in the top 25 Romanian channels and on the national must-carry list. We also started providing Christian content to secular TV networks in Serbia, Ukraine, Macedonia and Italy, in addition to the existing 40 stations we were already working with in Romania, Moldova and the US.

We continued to organize special media campaigns relevant to our society, promoting  pro-life and family values, creationism principles, and standing with Israel.

In 2012, Alfa Omega Ministry was more connected with other Romanian religious organizations, being partner for significant events as John Piper’s conference, Michael W. Smith’s concert, as well as various prayer movements and national Christian events.

As a broadcaster and TV production studio, we improved the quality of our own productions, switching to HD, introducing new production equipment and training our staff.

More programs were produced, including live-shows with special moments of prayer for salvation, healing and deliverance of viewers who called in with prayer requests.

2012 was the year of major developments in the “new media” area. Our free mobile app for iOS and Android has been downloaded by thousands of users shortly after it was launched in summer.

We also launched our new mobile-friendly website with a fresh design, and the website traffic increased by 62% in the past year. The new web-app called Prayerwall connects people from around the world, in prayer for each other.

Every month there are over 100000 views on our YouTube channel, many of which are embedded on other websites, increasing our viral impact. Also, our Facebook community has increased three times.

To equip the Body of Christ in Romania, we also distributed thousands of Christian books and brochures for free and provided quality media resources at affordable prices. We continued printing the Alfa Omega TV Magazine, with over 50 000 copies distributed so far.

In 2012, Alfa Omega ministry experienced the greatest impact and growth since its beginnings in 1994, and continues its mission to bring light in the darkness of this world. 

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