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Testimonies - changed lives

Watch stories of people that were impacted by our programs.

Crisan family - Timisoara, Romania

Anita Trutia - Oradea, Romania

Alexandra Dragos - Brasov, Romania

Moroti family - Becicherecu mic, Timis

Alfa Omega is one of the greatest miracles in Romania. (Iosif Țon - pastor)

Alfa Omega is God’s tool in my life, in our church, and in our city. We had non-believers who came to our church and said: “We saw you on TV and we want to find out more about God.” (Fănel Șerban - pastor)

After using the resources provided by Alfa Omega, we registered a qualitative spiritual growth in our church. (Lidia Mihăilescu - worship leader)

I learned how to truly worship my Lord, not only on the stage or in the church, but starting in my home. (Christian Vitelar - youth leader)

I would not spend my time watching other programs but the interactive programs you broadcast with friends and pastors in interviews, seminars, and conferences. (Victor Oțet - Lords Army leader)

You have programs for our Baptist brothers, for our Pentecostal brothers and for the newer churches and this is absolutely vital and necessary. (Titus Colțea - pastor)

Alfa Omega has a very big impact upon my life and my family because you have many things to learn and you grow by watching the programs on Alfa Omega TV. (Aurica Moroti - business woman)

Ever since I started watching Alfa Omega TV I experience a peace and joy that I hadn’t known before in my life. (Marița Sas - viewer)

For me, Alfa Omega TV is the presence of God. When I worked there, I felt how God got close to me to change my heart. (Anita Truția - viewer)

One day I watched a program called “A heart ablaze” and the preacher said: “Do not worry about what you will eat or drink but seek the Kingdom of God and all the other things will be given to you as well.” Then I said: “Lord, I only need to seek You.” In that moment I received Christ in my life and this is how my journey with Christ began. (Ildiko Crișan - viewer)

I prayed with you in front of the TV. I prayed and I cried: “Lord, touch my knee because I cannot keep on living like this.” When I stood up the pain was gone and I said: “Lord, great is your power!” and I cried for joy. Ever since that day I had no more pain in my leg. (Maria Logigan - viewer)

There is an alternative through Alfa Omega TV, which carries the light into the darkness in order to show there is something better. (Vasile Moroti - viewer)


Proiecte de creștere spirituală și ucenicizare

Prin tematica variată abordată în materialele noastre video, tipărite sau publicate online, suntem o sursă de hrană spirituală pentru creștinii români, ajutând credincioșii să se maturizeze spiritual și să fie echipați pentru a extinde Împărăția lui Dumnezeu în România. Fii și tu alături de noi, partener Alfa Omega TV! Urmărește reportajul!