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Testimonies - changed lives

Watch stories of people that were impacted by our programs.

Crisan family - Timisoara, Romania

Anita Trutia - Oradea, Romania

Alexandra Dragos - Brasov, Romania

Moroti family - Becicherecu mic, Timis

Alfa Omega is one of the greatest miracles in Romania. (Iosif Țon - pastor)

Alfa Omega is God’s tool in my life, in our church, and in our city. We had non-believers who came to our church and said: “We saw you on TV and we want to find out more about God.” (Fănel Șerban - pastor)

After using the resources provided by Alfa Omega, we registered a qualitative spiritual growth in our church. (Lidia Mihăilescu - worship leader)

I learned how to truly worship my Lord, not only on the stage or in the church, but starting in my home. (Christian Vitelar - youth leader)

I would not spend my time watching other programs but the interactive programs you broadcast with friends and pastors in interviews, seminars, and conferences. (Victor Oțet - Lords Army leader)

You have programs for our Baptist brothers, for our Pentecostal brothers and for the newer churches and this is absolutely vital and necessary. (Titus Colțea - pastor)

Alfa Omega has a very big impact upon my life and my family because you have many things to learn and you grow by watching the programs on Alfa Omega TV. (Aurica Moroti - business woman)

Ever since I started watching Alfa Omega TV I experience a peace and joy that I hadn’t known before in my life. (Marița Sas - viewer)

For me, Alfa Omega TV is the presence of God. When I worked there, I felt how God got close to me to change my heart. (Anita Truția - viewer)

One day I watched a program called “A heart ablaze” and the preacher said: “Do not worry about what you will eat or drink but seek the Kingdom of God and all the other things will be given to you as well.” Then I said: “Lord, I only need to seek You.” In that moment I received Christ in my life and this is how my journey with Christ began. (Ildiko Crișan - viewer)

I prayed with you in front of the TV. I prayed and I cried: “Lord, touch my knee because I cannot keep on living like this.” When I stood up the pain was gone and I said: “Lord, great is your power!” and I cried for joy. Ever since that day I had no more pain in my leg. (Maria Logigan - viewer)

There is an alternative through Alfa Omega TV, which carries the light into the darkness in order to show there is something better. (Vasile Moroti - viewer)


Reflectarea lucrării Domnului din România

Ca organizație de media, intrăm în contact cu multe biserici, organizații creștine și lideri care au ca scop aducerea Împărăției lui Dumnezeu în România. Acest lucru ne dă o privire de ansamblu asupra lucrării lui Dumnezeu. Prin producțiile noastre - emisiuni, reportaje, știri și materiale promoționale - încurajăm și reflectăm aceste mișcări, fiind martori media la lucrarea lui Dumnezeu în România. Fii și tu parte! Urmărește reportajul!

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