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Alfa Omega TV is only a part of the Body of Christ serving God through media, in nations across the world. Here are a few words about us from our friends and partners, since our beginnings in 1994.

Alfa Omega TV

NRB (National Religious Broadcasters)

Alfa Omega Tv is honored to receive the 2002 and 2010 NRB International Television Ministry Award. This award is not just a recognition for the work that God is doing in Romania through Alfa Omega Tv, but also to our partners that prayed for us and supported Gods work in our country.

“Tudor Petan and Alfa Omega TV have been leaders in using television to share the Gospel in creative and innovative ways. And Alfa Omega continues to take bold steps to reach Romania and beyond, looking to expand their presence throughout the Balkans. We are pleased to honor this faithful ministry for their dedication to broadcasting and to training a new generation of Christian communicators.”
Dr. Ron Harris, NRB Senior Vice President for Strategic Partnerships.

I commend broadcasters like Alfa Omega TV. They do such an excelent job. „Excelence in all things and all things to the Glory of God”. I think that is a good description for Alfa Omega TV. Everything you do, you do with excelence and I think that is important, and everything you do you do for the glory of God and I think that is even more important.
Dr. Frank Wright -  President National Religious Broadcasters (NRB)

NRB Today - 2011

Meanwhile in Romania, Alfa Omega Television continues to grow in its opportunity to reach people in that nation, and in the scattered Romanian population in Moldova, around Europe, and in the Balkans. Using cable, satellite, and IPTV (computer based) systems, Alfa Omega is teaching a larger and larger audience with unique Christian programming. This is an extremely active ministry that God is using to impact a whole region through Christian media.  Dr. Ron Harris, NRB Senior Vice President for Strategic Partnerships.

Alfa Omega TV

Family7, Holland

Family7 is a similar Christian media network based in the Netherlands that did a special on Alfa Omega TV.

Family7 is a television network like Alfa Omega TV, in Holland. I hope that all Christians in Romania understand how important it is to have Christian media - Alfa Omega TV - on air, in every household. My wish is that many Christians will support Alfa Omega on a monthly basis so that they can do what they need to do in this country to bring light and salt in Romania.
Dolf van de Vegte – President of Family7 Television (Holland)

In 2012, Family7, a Christian media organization and TV network from Holland, produced two mini-documentaries about Romania and about Alfa Omega TV, They also published an extended article in their monthly Family7 Magazine, as well as an online section on their website.

Family7 InActie - Roemenie - Part 1 (in Dutch)

Family7 InActie - Roemenie - Part 2 (in Dutch)

Article about Alfa Omega TV in the Family7 TV-Magazine

family7 article about aotv 300px family7 article about aotv 300px family7 article about aotv 300px

Article published in February 2012

Dolf Van De Vegte and Peter van der Wolf - show recorded in September 2011

In 1996 I have met Tudor for the first time, in one of the Christian conferences. Since that time we become partners and friends. Before I met Tudor, I started EO International, a few years before. And I didnt know anything about Alfa Omega. But when we met, EO International was ready to supply Alfa Omega Tv with hundreds of programs. So the Lord was working already on the project before we knew. Alfa Omega is Gods work and Gods project and most important thing is that we pray to continue and to finish the AOTV building. Peter van der Wolf – former President EO International, Holland

Alfa Omega TV

CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network)

It has been wonderful knowing you through the years and and it is such a celebration you are doing for 2012 and i just want to tell you God wants to increase that in 2013. He wants to increse so even more shows produced in romanian, more shows produced to reach people not just in Romania but throughout the region. So I just want to encourage you that God wants to bless you, he wants to increse you in 2013. Gordon Robertson, CEO, Christian Broadcasting Network

We are so thrilled to be a part of Alfa Omega TV in Romania.God bless you. Terry Meeuwsen, host of the 700Club

“Romania is a very historically significant country as it’s surrounded by so many nations from Eastern Europe which has not had the spiritual roots and volume… There are many Christians in Romania. So much can be done there! This is a window of time that the Lord stretched open for us to be involved with all that we can. If we don’t help Romania at this time, which is the country most sensitive and tender towards the Lord, I think we could see a turning of Eastern Europe against Christianity.

Alfa Omega TVIt is my privilege to commend to you Mr. Tudor Petan. I have known Tudor for over fifteen years after first meeting him in his home country of Romania. He is well respected by his peers and associates for his vision and passion to reach and connect spiritually with the people of his nation. Tudors unrelenting drive compels him to endure and overcome resistance to his work and ministry. He has accomplished much and will obviously continue to make a significant impact in Romania for decades to come. My wife and I personally support the ministry Tudor founded – Alfa Omega TV and urge others to contribute generously to his great work.” Michael D. Little – Former President, Christian Broadcasting Network

CBN also produced a story about Alfa Omega TV in August 2010.

Alfa Omega TV Brings Light to Europe

TIMISOARA, Romania -- Almost 21 years have passed since the fall of communism in Romania and the country continues to see a spiritual revival. A growing hunger for Christ has helped one ministry expand from just seven tape machines into a 24-hour Christian television network.

Church bells and heavenly music often fill the air in the busy and historic square in Timisoara, Romania. However, during December of 1989 the countrys people revolted against the communist regime, crying, God exists, God exists!

Timisoara is considered by many to be the spiritual capital of the country, said Tudor Petan of Alfa Omega TV. Its a symbol of the revolution. Its a symbol of freedom.

That political and spiritual freedom is what allowed Petan to launch the Alfa Omega ministry in 1994, five years after the revolution and only one year after he became a Christian.

TLN (Total Living Network)

Alfa Omega TV

“We are partners together with them because we believe in their vision. It’s really about touching the hearts of Romanian people with the life changing message that God loves them. And this message is made accessible to them through television.”  Jerry Rose - Total Living Network, USA

“We need to reach Romanians with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that’s one of the things that you are doing through television as you are helping your country come to know the truth of God’s Word.” Kay Arthur - Precept Ministries, USA

“You have done an excellent job in spreading these family friendly programs to many TV stations in Romania.”  Walter Kast - New Life Network, Germany/Switzerland

“This is a marvelous tool that God has given to Alfa Omega to share the Gospel in Romania and surrounding countries. We are happy to partner with you through Global University that provides materials for teaching the Word of God.” Thomas Trask – General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God

“After 50 years of communism, people are searching for truth and meaning for their lives. Ethics and values have been lost in the previous oppressive systems and the Romanian nation is looking for truth and honesty. Alfa Omega is trying to fill this gap by providing media based on Christian ethics and values. As an international Christian non-government organization, World Vision Romania appreciates Alfa Omegas ministry.“ Anita Delhaas-van Dijk, World Vision, Romania

“We’ve seen how God a wonderful thing in Romania. I called Romania “the Korea of Europe” many years ago, because out of pain and suffering, persecution and poverty came a prayer movement and strong churches.” Peter Kuzmic - Osijek Christian Theological Seminary, Croatia

“I believe with all my heart, Romania will become a spiritual bread basket for Europe.” Denis Pisani - pastor, USA

“In 1946, after World War II, Romania helped Finland with medicine and food. This was long forgotten, but God brought this to our attention, and spoke to us we had to give back something Romania gave to us when we were in need. We had this vision that God wants us to stand by Alfa Omegas side, and give back what the Romanian people gave to us.“ Leo Meller, Patmos Foundation, Finland

The ministry done through the Alfa Omega TV programs is of great use for our people. May the Lord help you to fulfill your work in the ministry you have started, because your ministry is more than necessary.“ Nicolae Corneanu, Orthodox Regional Leader, Romania

“I believe there is something that longs for freedom and Christ that emanates from this city. There is a cry for freedom and it’s going to change the world. I thing freedom in Christ and unity from the pastors and leaders are going to be a big message that comes from Timişoara.” Cindy Jacobs - writer, USA


Alfa Omega TV won several media awards from Romania and abroad.

Alfa Omega TVWe are but a part of the greater family of international media ministries, sister organizations that God is using to reach nations through visual media. As such, we feel blessed for the fruitful partnerships built through the years, and are priviledged to be a part of the Body of Christ operating in media. In Christian media, these awards are not trophies, but testimonies of strong relationships.

  • 2002 NRB International Television Ministry Award (National Religious Broadcasters)
  • 2004 CEVMA Film Festival award for the Best short film. (Christian European Visual Media Association)
  • 2004 CEVMA Film Festival award for Educational Programmes for the series The Verdict of Science: Creation, produced by Alfa Omega TV. (Christian European Visual Media Association)
  • 2004 CEVMA Film Festival award for the Best music film. (Christian European Visual Media Association)
  • 2006 CEVMA Presidents award for Tudor Petan (Christian European Visual Media Association)
  • 2006 ICVM Crown Award – Presidents award for Tudor Petan (International Christian Visual Media Association)
  • 2007 The Hope award for Tudor Petan, Alfa Omega TV Romania. (Hope for Europe)
  • 2010 NRB International Television Ministry Award (National Religious Broadcasters) This award is presented to an organization based outside the United States that excels in television or video ministry, exercising integrity and faithfulness to the cause of Christ, while demonstrating unusual effectiveness in impacting the target culture with the Gospel.

Alfa Omega TV

News about us

By Michael Ireland, April 25, 2001

TIMISOARA, ROMANIA (ANS) -- In the city where the Romanian revolution against communism began, a surprising new ministry has been birthed in the power of the Holy Spirit over Easter 2001. God used the resources of the Alfa Omega TV studio and some of its partners from the international Christian media community to develop a premiere pilot project called Revival Week -- Timisoara, Romania. Consisting of six evangelical live TV shows, the program aired each evening of the Easter week on a local channel, said an Alpha Omega TV spokesman.   Starting at 10 p.m. until and lasting until midnight, this series was produced by Alfa Omega and was aired every evening directly from the studio. Through a direct cable connection to the local TV station Europa Nova, the show reached the homes in Timisoara and its suburbs, the spokesman said...

Alfa Omega TV – The First Christian Satellite Channel in Romania - is now Covering Europe
by By Dan Wooding, October 16, 2006

TIMISOARA, ROMANIA (ANS) -- In June 2006, after an active presence of twelve years in the Christian media in Romania, on the Day of the Pentecost, June 11, 2006, “Alfa Omega” launched the first Romanian Christian TV channel with permanent broadcasting 24 hours / 7 days. It broadcasts from Timisoara where the 1989 Romanian uprising began that toppled Nicolae Ceausescu. After almost five months of broadcasting, the channel is included in one of the most important digital DTH platforms in Romania (MaxTV) and retransmitted by cable TV networks from hundreds of villages and towns in Romania...

Alfa Omega TV hosts Darlene Zschech and Hillsong’s praise and worship evening – a spiritual breakthrough in Timisoara, Romania
By Michael Ireland, October 27, 2007

TIMISOARA, ROMANIA (ANS) -- More than 3,000 people, who wanted to witness the live performance of a band whose music influenced their lives as well as the worship in their churches, attended a music event featuring a special evening of praise and worship with Darlene Zschech and the Hillsong team, hosted by Alfa Omega TV and the Christian Center of Timisoara. Through its worship style, music and theology, the Hillsong church has had a great impact upon the Evangelical churches around the world..

Alfa Omega TV, the first satellite Christian TV channel in Romanian, celebrates one-year anniversary
By Michael Ireland, July 8, 2007

TIMISOARA, ROMANIA (ANS) -- The launch of the first Romanian Christian television channel, Alfa Omega TV, in June 2006, was the fulfillment of a long, 12-year preparation period. Now the station is celebrating its first full year on-air. Although the initial vision was cast in 1994, it was followed by 12 years of work during which hundreds of programs have been translated into Romanian. Christian program producers and distributors from all over the world have sown into the Alfa Omega ministry along the years through high quality program packages and television show series...

The ‘Spirit of Timisoara’ continues with Alpha Omega TV
By Dan Wooding and Tina Ramirez

TIMISOARA, ROMANIA (ANS) -- The ‘Romanian Revolution’ that began in Timisoara in 1989, now continues with a spiritual revolution spearheaded from the same city by a unique Christian TV network. What is so unique about Alpha Omega TV is that it is located in Timisoara, the largest city in western Romania, where the Romanian Revolution began in 1989, and eventually overthrew the vicious regime of Nicolae Ceausescu and spelled the end of the communist era in Romania...


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Canalul Alfa Omega TV poate fi receptionat gratuit via satelit: Eutelsat E16A, 16 grade Est, Frecventa – 12.717 Mhz, Polarizare Orizontală, Symbol rate - 7500 ks/s, FEC - 3/4, Codare - MPEG-4. Alfa Omega TV Production detine 2 licente de emisie TV pe satelit: canalele Alfa Omega TV si Alfa Omega TV International. SC Alfa Omega TV Production SRL, Str Aurel Pop nr. 8, Timisoara. Reprezentant legal si asociat unic: Petan Tudor. Conducerea societatii: Petan Tudor: director general, coodonator programe; Petan Mirela: director executiv; Mocofan Muguras: director tehnic/dezvoltare.  Cod de conduita profesionala

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