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How to Disciple Anyone Anywhere

The conference How to Disciple Anyone Anywhere was organized in late February, by Aletheia Church in Timisoara. The event gathered representatives of the evangelical churches that are part of the Romanian autonomous church federation. The organizers brought forward one of the topical themes of the Christian world.

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A Convention of "River of Revival" Churches in Romania

River of Revival is a Romanian family of churches with other offices in the diaspora. The 4th edition of their church Convention took place recently in Arad city. The event reunited representatives of churches partner in this association. Organizers sought to offer participants from Romania and abroad a time of worship and ministry, while getting to know each other.

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Celebration at Alba Iulia on Romanias National Day

The 1918 Great Union City rapidly proved too small for those who came in to celebrate the Centenary. It is estimated that in Alba Iulia were over 150,000 people from various parts of the country, as well as from the diaspora. Many people came dressed in folk costumes and all were glad to be together with their fellow Romanians. Some of them said they have been preparing for this event since 2015.

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"Burning Bush" Prayer on the Mountain Gathering in Remote Area of Romania

Rugul Aprins, the prayer meeting on the mountain in Ponoara, Bihor county, came to its 13th edition. The event started in August 3rd and it continued for five days, with participants coming in thousands from Romania and abroad. Christians of various denominations came together to listen to sermons and to benefit from prayers for physical and emotional healing.

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God-Honoring Businesses

In addition to love, grace, forgiveness and repentance, the Scripture speaks about managing possessions, about the financial aspects of our lives. Big-Impact and Elim Timisoara foundations organized a seminary on this topic in order to help businessmen.

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A New Teen Challenge Center in Romania

Drug use affects every society. Romania is no exception to this rule as the country is located on the heroin trafficking route. Young people are the ones falling into the trap of addiction most often. Teen Challenge runs support programs for drug addicts and has been active in Romania for several years.

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The Way of the Cross - Easter Evangelistic Event in Romania

During the Holy Week, a troupe of 70 amateur actors staged Jesus crucifixion process. The descriptively named representation, The Way of the Cross – Death Is Dead, revealed to the public Jesus sufferings in the most dramatic fashion. This 13th edition found The Road of the Cross peregrinating on the streets of five Romanian cities: Zalau, Oradea, Timisoara, Lugoj and Brasov.

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Social housing for underprivileged families in Bistrita county in Romania

Fifteen years ago, in Bistrita, the groundwork was laid for a project dear to the heart of Jacob Murza, which resulted in the building of nearly 60 social residences in several localities in Bistrita-Nasaud County, for homeless people. Improper living conditions of the poor moved the heart of Mr. Murza who became involved in helping them.

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Abortion, the Leading Cause of Death in Romania

In our world, 100.000 abortions are performed every day, meaning that these children are not given any right to life. According to a website offering real-time measurements of the worlds population, in 2018, 23 % of all pregnancies ended in abortion. Many organizations are involved in defending the rights of the unborn children, given the gravity of the situation.

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Discipleship School in Romania

In Romania there is a village where 400 people are living their lives. Its called Valcelele Bune. A German woman, Angelika Wenger, arrived here in 1995 as a response to Gods calling to come to Romania and engage in the ministry of training disciples. She founded Life in Jesus Christ Mission.

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