Romanian Christians minister to those in need - a school for ministry in healing and deliverance

The healing and deliverance ministry is one of the most important activities in a local church. Besides offering spiritual food, Christians are called to minister to those in need. In a European country, namely in Romania, one of the movements engaged in this ministry is Jesus` School for Healing and Deliverance Through God`s Word. This Christian organization was founded in 2010.

God looked down from the height of his sanctuary and saw an ``insect`` somewhere on earth and said to Himself: ``I`ll use this one. Seeing him, nobody would say his well-rounded education and theology facilitated his ministry. On the contrary, everyone is going to say `This is really God`s work !``` Therefore, Jesus`s School for Healing and Deliverance Through God`s Word has Jesus as its director.

This is what He would do when He was on earth: He would heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead and preach the Good News to the poor.

Jesus`s School for Healing and Deliverance Through God`s Word organizes training in evangelical churches. One of these events, consisting in four seminars, took place in the Romanian city of Timisoara, at the Aletheia Christian Center.

The first seminary is on sin. We`re making people aware of our sinful nature. Jesus` blood wiped out all my sins, but it`s my job to walk away from them. The 2nd seminary touches on how do sickness, suffering, trouble and sorrows appear. God says: ``Ye have not yet resisted unto blood…`` The problem is in the body because that`s where we`re feeling pain. The body doesn`t know how to listen to the Holy Ghost. Ephesians 1:13 says that I`ve been sealed with the Holy Spirit, but the body doesn`t listen to the spirit, it would only listen to my soul. In Romans 12:2, God commands this to my soul: ``But be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.`` The 3rd seminar, on what causes disease, indicates the root is neither generational in nature, nor a sinful life. The reason is God wants to show us His grace, as it is the case of Job, of the Nain widows` son, and also the case of Lazarus. The last seminar is practical, and during this one, I speak about healing and deliverance through the Word of God.

People face health-related issues and various addictions everyday, but God is able to bring healing and deliverance. Jesus Christ the Lord is the center of our focus. He`s part of every area in our lives. He crowns you with loving kindness, He heals your disease, He forgives your iniquities, He gives you good things. Our focus is on God. God wants to deal firstly with our spiritual healing, and only after that does the Lord heal our bodily illnesses. This is why we insisted on the fact that we need to address the problem of our sin.

There are some things that can stand in the way of our healing. You know God builds up walls of protection, but there are other walls that set us apart from Him. According to Isaiah 59:2, our sins are a barrier between us and our God, they`re separating us from Him. Every sin we commit is like a brick put between us and God.

Some of the participants at the Jesus` School for Healing and Deliverance through God`s Word seminars confessed they experienced healing and were also blessed by the messages they`ve heard.

I came here to hear the Lord speak to me and to perform a spiritual transformation in me. I`m also praying for a bodily healing, if it`s possible and if it is according to God`s will.

I really wanted to participate again to a Watchmen Network event. I used to come to these conferences with great pleasure every time such events were organized, I went in Timisoara and in other places, but it`s been a while...

I came with high expectations, to have some things refreshed. Some of the things I heard were new to me, others weren`t. They`re all very practical teachings. We also prayed and I look forward to see God`s surprises. It was a reality.

I believe in healings and I`m living them. I believe God is the same and that Jesus already obtained my healing at Calvary. I do believe this. Honestly, I`m in the process of being transformed and I think God arranged for me to be at this conference. There were some obstacles, but God saved me before it was too late. He`s letting me know of the things I have to repent for and He`s telling me what I need to leave behind in order to become a new creation.

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