Restoring Woman's Identity and Ministry within the Church

Throughout the Bible, we meet faithful women performing various works in their home, church and community. They had an important contribution in spreading Christianity all over the world. Understanding and accepting the identity one has in Christ lays at the basis of the Christian life.

Understanding and accepting the identity one has in Christ lays at the basis of the Christian life.

Camelia Capusan, Cluj-Napoca city: The moment you accept your identity! Being a smart, beautiful, young or less young woman is not our entire identity. Our identity is in the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, who took human body. In Christ “there is neither male nor female”, we are alike; we have different roles, but we are alike. Christ dressed MMM and then He called us. Can you believe that? He left His glory and urged us to dress in His clothes???

Adriana Dan, “EBE Romania” Foundation: Women are Gods disciples. No disciple should loaf around and do nothing. God raised women, gave them credit, He even entrusted the news of His resurrection to a woman. Surely all women should be bringing good news!

Evangelicals discuss a lot about womans place within the Church, but this topic is quite controversial.

Mihai Lundel, OCI România: I was a journalist in the past, and I conducted over 50 interviews of unbelievers. I asked them what was their opinion about believers in Romania. They told me 3 things. Most of them said they saw hipocrisy, judgement, and a lot of men said they havent seen people whose opinion regarding women was lower than that of believers.

Our Lord Jesus came on Earth to redeem both men and women, therefore they are just as important for the Body of Christ.

Womens potential is an important resource for the Church and society. We can find them doing social activities, in politics or business.

Amalia Georgescu, entrepreneur, Iași city: Being a woman in Christian environments, assuming certain roles and standing out from the crowd is pretty challenging. As long as you are aware of the gifts and abilities God put inside you and you want to be useful, knowing you can bring a change, then you csn assume your role. Keep going and one day youll see the results. You know it when youre on the right path.

Mihaela Brânzoi, București: Women in Romania need to learn they can impact their families through Christ, but they can also impact the communities theyre coming from, having the influence Esther had during her time.

Oltita Baciu, București city: I loved what was said about women in ministry, about women working for God under their husbands authority.

Restoring womans identity and ministry within the Romanian Church is an important and current concern and this is the reason why various events get organized every year.

Rahela Pană, California: When He put this womens conference in my heart, I saw women that are hurt, but are raising up, becoming great fighters in Gods Kingdom. I felt God is raising up women throughout the world, not only in Romania.

Ligia Seman, organizer, Womens National Conference in Romania: Gods grace was upon us. We desired that very much. We prepared for that. Before the conference, we prayed and did a lot of fasting.

Tibi Seman, organizer, Womens National Conference in Romania: I saw women touched by Gods grace, healed, women who left willing to serve the Lord.

Lidia Schiopu, organizer, EBE Romania Foundations womens department: I thought no other topic would bring us closer to God, wouldnt free us away from all these ephemeral things, as our renewal of our longing from Chirst return would.

In a world of extremes and discrimination, God is seeking men and women who want to be an example for their community.

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