Parents vs State - Who should Educate the Children of Romania? AOTV report

Launching a public debate on the 2018-2025 National Parenting Education Programme resulted in many persons, organizations and institutions taking a stand on it. The measure comes as a Council of Europe Conventions effect with respect to preventing and eradicating violence against women and domestic violence, which was adopted in 2011 in Istanbul.

The final document that was posted on the internet and open to public discussion is extremely problematic. Its text does link the Strategy in question with the Istanbul Convention. The Istanbul Convention and the National Parenting Education Strategy serve a common objective: erasing the biological definition of man and woman, and replacing it with the concept of gender neutrality snarled with the idea of social construct.

This philosophy, or anthropological concept, suggesting that humans are born with a neutral gender and are a social construct, the biological sex being inapposite, is, in fact, the philosophy that can be identified both in the Istanbul Convention and in the National Strategy.

The natural biological concepts of man and woman, together with the sex that defines who is a man and who is a woman are now considered obsolete and a traditional mentality that must be weeded out from the European or Romanian populations minds, depending on the document we are referring to.

Although the project of the strategy put forward by a group of NGOs was removed from the Ministry of National Educations website, parents see this initiative as an attempt of the State to interfere in childrens education.

Reading between the lines, I found decent ideas intermixed with queer suggestions. For example, the document said there should be no conflict in family and the parent was told how to act to the childs best interest. The State teaches us how to act as if we wouldnt love our children, as if they came from the State and not from God, as if we were States employees, having to organize our family according to what the government wants rather than what God commands. Why? Why are the children in States possession? We dont understand. Nor do I, neither do other parents I talked to and we fail to understand how come children became a product of the State.

Christian leaders affirm such initiatives approved by the State do nothing but attack the family.

This despicable project aims to reeducate parents so as to deny Christian values and accept immorality, debauchery, depravity and laws against morality and against God. There is a blessed way of living in society. There is a blessed way in which families can be upbringing their children. And there are others aiming to change the status quo, claiming its old-fashioned to say that parents have an important role to give, arguing that their example and values have no importance.

If the Church is the salt of the earth, we should be involved in this public debate to express our point of view, to be the salt everyone tasting the education in Romania would feel. Unfortunately, the education in Romania is not influenced by the Church. In situations like these, Christians should be the ones bringing a positive influence on society. The Church confined herself between walls and that led to a lot of these things happening. Its not only that. While we are arguing about dogmas and other trivial problems, laws that favor same-sex marriage, educating children against Christian values are being proposed. These should awaken us and we should start influencing the society.

I think we should let ourselves be led by God. Even if our society tries to push us in a godless direction, we have to stand strong and apply the principles we know, not giving in to pressure of any kind.

The Romanian Academy took one of the most serious stands towards the National Parenting Education Strategy. Their press release read: The project is an attempt resembling those in the internationalist or globalist countries with totalitarian regimes, that are pursuing the dream of realizing the New Man, a human with no family, no nationality, no country, no identity.

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