Alfa Omega TV - 20 years anniversary - June 1994-2014

Alfa Omega TV - 20 years anniversary - June 1994-2014

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After the founding of Alfa Omega TV, in 1994, for many years God asked us to do simple things: translating programs, selling video cassettes, providing Christian programs to local commercial television networks from Romania. We are still doing these activities, but on a different level. In 2000 we began producing our own TV programs, our flaghsip program The Way, the Truth and the Life was first broadcast live on a local station from Timișoara, and then distributed to other networks in various cities of Romania. God opened doors for sending programs to TV stations with national coverage and through satellite, and initiated new media pioneering projects.

In 1998, in a yearly newsletter, I remember writing for the first time about the vision received from God to launch a 24/7 satellite TV channel, with European coverage. Faith and continuous prayer were necessary so that these promises could grow in our heart and become reality... In June 2006 the Alfa Omega satellite TV channel was launched, with permanent broadcast, the first one of this kind in Eastern Europe.

In the following years, after a long period of moving from one place to another, we settled into our own “Alfa Omega” home, a media center which hosts a television studio and many other media activities and AOTV projects.

People often ask me: “Who supports you financially?” My answer is invariable: “The Lord!”, and then I add: “What He founds, He funds”, and He does it through His children. Thousands, hundreds of people, organizations, friends have been used by God to support and develop the Alfa Omega ministry throughout the years. In this moment of review, no one can take credit, not even us, the ones who have been administrating the resources in these 20 years and have been giving direction to the ministry. This is His ministry! Initiated through revelation, developed through faith and supported by prayer.

Alfa Omega is a ministry through media, part of the great commission: preaching the Gospel and edifying Christians, reflecting what He is doing in these times in Romania!

Tudor Pețan

Greetings and encouragements from a few of our international partners


From its establishment, in 1994, Alfa Omega has been positively influencing the development of the moral-Christian values in Romania through Christian programs and media resources.

1. The activity started in 1994 with the translation and the subtitling of Christian programs, which were later broadcasted through local commercial TV stations from Romania. We still perform this activity. Therefore, numerous TV programs, documentaries, christian films subtitled in Romanian language approaching themes like: family, art, history, religious education and value-based entertainment, are weekly broadcasted by more than 40 local and regional TV stations from Romania. Progressively, many of these video resources became available to those interested, also through books.

2. The year 1999 represents the second milestone in the development of Alfa Omega ministry, marking the beginning of producing Christian TV programs in our studios. In 2000 Alfa Omega begun to weekly broadcast live programs on a local TV channel from Timișoara. The production of programs has been developing in the following years.
The quality and the message of these programs were recognized at European and international level through awards offered by international Christian media organizations.

3. In 2006 we launched Alfa Omega TV channel with 24/7 broadcast and European coverage. From the beginning, our vision and desire was that this channel could be available in every Romanian house. After only one year, the channel became accessible to Romanians from everywhere through internet.

The audience levels placed Alfa Omega TV in 2010 in the top 20 channels in Romania, and was on the Romanian Audiovisual Authority’s must-carry list of channels for Romanian TV networks.

However, a lot of our viewers are still waiting for Alfa Omega TV to be introduced in RCS-RDS or UPC packages in their city and in Dolce, Focus, Digi satellite platforms, or in the IPTV packages.

4. In 2010 was launched the second channel, Alfa Omega International, with special programs for Romanian communities from diaspora and ethnic minorities from Balkans.

5. Now, from our Alfa Omega TV media center, we continue to develop all these projects and we are looking for new possibilities and technologies to reach Romanians and other communities in Balkans through the Word of God.

The vision of enlarging the media activity led to the beginning of the construction of the building for Alfa Omega media center. In 2010 was inaugurated the new studio of Alfa Omega media center. The finalization of the building is planned for 2014.

Be part of the ministry of mission through media, alongside us, in the future-

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Canalul Alfa Omega TV poate fi receptionat gratuit via satelit: Eutelsat E16A, 16 grade Est, Frecventa – 12.717 Mhz, Polarizare Orizontală, Symbol rate - 7500 ks/s, FEC - 3/4, Codare - MPEG-4. Alfa Omega TV Production detine 2 licente de emisie TV pe satelit: canalele Alfa Omega TV si Alfa Omega TV International. SC Alfa Omega TV Production SRL, Str Aurel Pop nr. 8, Timisoara. Reprezentant legal si asociat unic: Petan Tudor. Conducerea societatii: Petan Tudor: director general, coodonator programe; Petan Mirela: director executiv; Mocofan Muguras: director tehnic/dezvoltare.  Cod de conduita profesionala

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