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aotv eng ministry summaryAlfa Omega TV is a Christian Media ministry founded in 1994 and based in the city of Timisoara, western Romania. Our purpose is to do mission through media tools, to reach Romanians living in the country and abroad (Romania has a large diaspora) and to impact other communities in the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

Many people would not enter a church to listen to a priest or a pastor. But, through media, we reach people where they are: at home, on their way to work, when they relax. By creatively using television, print media and digital technologies, we present all the facets of the Gospel to Romanians.

We are missionaries through media!



We constantly present the Gospel. For kids, we implemented the Superbook special project in partnership with CBN.


Through prayer, counseling & various media projects, we minister to thousands annually.


Discipleship and spiritual growth: We help Christians know God and the Bible better.
Christians and society: We equip believers to put their faith into practice, in all areas of life.
Understanding the times: Analyzing news from a Christian perspective, calling to prayer.
Revealing God’s work in Romania: to broaden Christians’ perspective.



We broadcast a 24/7 TV channel via satellite over Europe (since 2006), we produce hundreds of hours of programming annually and distribute programs to 30+ affiliated secular TV stations in Romania.


We publish thousands of articles, videos and downloadable resources on our site and social media every year. We develop mobile & TV apps.


We print & distribute AOTV Magazine and other free resources. Our publishing house and e-store offer books, DVDs and e-resources.



aotv 2019 tehnologie enter siglaWhat makes us different

- Interdenominational character - we address Christians from all denominations.

- Since 1994, we have distributed Christian programs to tens of secular TV networks.

- Special media campaigns: Christian relevance in society, science-creationism pro-Israel, pro-life, pro-family, anti-addiction, ethics in business, prayer and intercession.

- A balance between resources for spiritual growth, those of understanding the times and those that equip believers to be relevant in Romanian contemporary society.

- A large variety of media tools: TV, video, site, mobile, social media, books, magazines.

- Focus on ministry and prayer, more than just to broadcast a message through media.

- Partnerships with numerous key Christian organizations in Romania and the world.

aotv eng strategy


We are primarily involved in television: we are producing TV programs and broadcast a 24/7 TV channel covering Europe via satellite. We also use new media tools and print media to fulfill our calling.


The Alfa Omega TV Channel

Our main project is the Alfa Omega TV channel, on air beginning in June 2006, the first Christian channel in Romania. With a potential audience of 12 million people, the TV channel promotes Christian values in the Romanian contemporary society, addressing people of all ages and religious affiliations.

We translate, produce and broadcast a large variety of quality programs: films, documentaries, cartoons, talk-shows, testimonies, news and reports, musical programs, youth shows, science, culture and civilization programs.

The channel regularly presents the Gospel to viewers, but it is also a rich source of spiritual enrichment for those who want to know and fulfill God’s Word. Through programs aired on TV, numerous Romanians have been saved, delivered, transformed and drawn closer to God.

Watch the channel here

aotv eng tv coverage

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Channel reception

Alfa Omega TV is available on TV, online and on mobile devices. It is broadcast free-to-air via satellite since June 2006, in Romanian, covering Europe. It can be received via satellite dish, and is available in all major cable networks in Romania (we are primarily a „cable country”). Our national regulatory agency for visual media placed AOTV in the „must-carry” list of channels since 2010.

Christian programs on secular TV networks

Alongside the Alfa Omega TV channel, we’ve developed partnerships over the years with other TV networks. Every month, 30-40 such local, regional or national secular TV stations air ~20 hours of Christian programs: films, documentaries, music, news, cartoons and AOTV-produced talk-shows.

With a potential cumulated audience of several million viewers, these networks cover a city, a region or even the entire country. Their data shows that 10% of the population of a city/county watches these channels every day, and programs from Alfa Omega TV are often in prime-time. These partner networks complement the impact of our own Alfa Omega TV channel in Romania.

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Even if our roots are a TV ministry, digital media is a priority to us, as it is used more and more, especially by the younger generation. We adapt to each of the digital channels, by producing and promoting specially-designed content for the users of these technologies.

By creating resources on our website, by posting content on social media, by creating apps or developing for new platforms, we are using digital interactive technologies to complement television in our work of missions through media, reaching out to different age groups.

Of the prople that watch the Alfa Omega TV channel on TELEVISION, 66% ARE OVER 45 YEARS OF AGE

Of the prople that watch Alfa Omega content ONLINE, 64% ARE UNDER 45 YEARS OF AGE

aotv 2019 site aotv

OUR alfaomega.tv WEBSITE

Being among the top Christian portals in Romania, our alfaomega.tv website has 20.000+ pages, half containing video clips. Here, one can watch the Alfa Omega TV live stream, thousands of videos online, news, articles, courses and downloadable content.

Our site has several major sections, one being dedicated to the TV channel and our shows in the Mediacenter. News & Understanding the Times sections are the second most visited sections.

Those looking to learn more about God and the Bible may use our Spiritual Life section. In this section, we receive thousands of visits to our Gospel Presentation and Basics of Christianity course every year.

For those interested in practical daily aspects of the Christian life, in a contemporary context, we have our Christians and Society section. We also have an online bookstore, offering books, DVDs and e-resources.

In the last few years, over 300.000 unique visitors accessed our website every year (Romanian population: 20 million).

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We are present on all major social networks, we upload and share 100-150 video clips every month on Youtube and Facebook, we do live webcasts, we maintain a constant dialogue with those who follow us.

Adapting to these mediums, where competition for attention is high, we produce short and impactful content: devotionals, news, testimonies, articles on delicate topics, all for ministry purposes. We inform, encourage and motivate Christians to prayer and action.


- Our content directly reaches those who follow us
- Our content reaches friends of those who shared our content, even if they are not directly connected to us
- Our content, specifically designed for certain topics and audiences, reaches people that need ministry, through digital marketing techniques.

Our key strength is video. Every year, we have 10-12 million video views on social media platforms combined. We also have a few viral videos regularly, reaching 100.000+ people.
aotv 2019 newsletter email

Weekly email newsletter

Every Thursday, we send out our weekly newsletter, with news, events, TV recommendations, articles, videos and media resources that have become available.

aotv eng mobileapp

Mobile app

Our free mobile app is available in AppStore and Google Play. Through it, one can access the live channel webstream, TV schedule and program recommendations, thousands of videos, news, articles and devotionals.


While our main drive is in the field of TV and digital media, we have a significant presence in print media as well, through books published by our publishing house, through our Alfa Omega TV Magazine, the most printed Christian magazine in Romania, through other books and brochures we freely distribute to disciple and equip Christians for ministry.

aotv 2019 carte editura 960Alfa Omega Publishing House

Since 2002 we have published over 100 books in Romanian through our Alfa Omega Publishing house.

In regard to the subject matter, we address specific niche topics. We publish books and brochures on prayer, intercession, healing, counseling and deliverance, spiritual warfare, discipleship, Christian involvement in society and the relationship between the Church and Israel.

Alfa Omega TV Magazine

As of Dec. 2011, we have steadily printed and distributed, free of charge, our bi-monthly AOTV Magazine (500.000+ copies distributed). It contains the AOTV schedule, editorials, articles and news. Since 2014, we produce topical editions with all articles addressing a core theme from different angles.

The printed magazine has been well received by the public, the amount of content and its circulation gradually increasing in time.

In 2015, AOTV Magazine became the most printed Christian magazine in Romania, with regards to circulation.

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Alfa Omega TV store

We offer printed/electronic books, DVDs, with clean entertainment or study materials for spiritual growth. At our e-store, shoppers can find video or PDF excerpts from our available resources, compare products or order digital files.



In 2016 we launched the Alfa Omega Play service, for those familiar with accessing video content online, in pay-per-view systems. Videos there can be streamed or downloaded for a small fee.

AO PLAY: www.alfaomega.tv/play

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Multimedia campaigns

The erosion of moral and family values, the huge number of abortions, the rising anti-Semitism, the apparent conflict between science and faith - all are current issues to which Christians should seek to answer, to enter a dialogue with the broad society, to offer solutions based on the Gospel.

For this reason, we regularly develop media campaigns on topics as: Pro-Life & Pro-Family, Pro-Israel and Understanding the Times, Science and Creationism, Christian Relevance in Society and others.

During these campaigns, by using the vast media resources we accumulated through the years in partnership with tens of other Christian organizations, we present a coherent Christian perspective on chosen topics. We motivate Christians to pray and to act accordingly, via TV, printed materials, our website, social media and other media channels

We often call Christians to pray in unity for Romania, and teach them how to intercede effectively for the country - in partnership with the Romanian National Prayer Network.



Evangelism Projects

We spread the Gospel 24/7, through various media channels and projects, to thousands of Romanians of all ages. We air evangelism and pre-evangelism programs on Alfa Omega TV and other 30-40 affiliated networks in Romania. We develop science-creationism and apologetics multimedia campaigns for non-believers. 300.000 unique visitors accessed our site last year, of which 10.000 went through our Gospel Presentation. Through media, many discover God and His salvation.

Direct Ministry

As a media organization, beyond information or entertainment, we focus on personal ministry in prayer, and we do our best to find practical ways to help people, as we see a great need for ministry. Annually, we receive 5000+ prayer requests - we pray with them, we try to help with practical solutions, we connect them to mature Christians in their region and we produce media resources to respond to the actual needs. Tens of thousands also read sensitive articles on our site anonymously, without contacting us.

Discipleship and Spiritual Life

Through our various content, we are a source of spiritual nourishment for Romanian Christians. We make available thousands of bible seminars and sermons, TV shows, multimedia courses and articles - on TV, on DVD, online, as books and in our AOTV Magazine. We address relevant topics - basics of Christianity, apologetics, prayer and intercession, the prophetic, healing and deliverance, counseling and Christian life - to equip believers for extending God's Kingdom .

Christians and Society

We produce relevant materials to inspire Christians to be salt and light wherever they are, to apply Christian principles to all aspects of life: profession, Church life, the social sphere, education, technology, money, relating to the state and its institutions, and to other people, Through all our media channels, we encourage both the regular Christian, as well as Christian leaders and experts in particular fields to live out their faith 24/7.

Reflecting God's Work in Romania

As a media organization, we naturally come in contact with many churches, organizations and leaders that do their best to advance the Kingdom of God in Romania. This gives us a broad perspective on what God is doing in our country. Through our productions - news, reports, TV programs and promos - we encourage, reflect and amplify these initiatives and projects from others. In doing this, we are witness and part of God's work in Romania.

Understanding the Times

Through Understanding the Times projects, we challenge Christians to see the times we live in, to prepare for the future, to pray and to interpret the daily news and realities from a biblical perspective. By producing and airing documentaries and news on TV and online, we offer a Christian perspective and new spiritual insights on current events, being a credible Christian information source.

Superbook Evangelistic Project for Kids

Since 2016, we are focusing on the young generation and investing resources to develop the Superbook multimedia project, created by CBN. Through the adventures of the main characters, the children of today are exposed to the amazing and fascinating stories from the world of the Bible. The project involves airing episodes on TV channels, interactive website for kids, mobile apps, evangelistic events and sunday school programs.


Content Strategy

1. Evangelism - Most of our audience is not born again. Via TV programs or web resources, we always present the Gospel in the homes we’re allowed in.

2. Direct Ministry - We are doing our best to provide prayer and ministry to those in need, through live TV programs and our follow-up ministry.

3. Spiritual life & growth - Many of our resources are for discipleship, to help people deal with issues, know God better, grow spiritually and be equipped for ministry.

4. Christians’ relevance to society - Every Christian is called to be salt & light, as they know God, mature and deal with issues. We do our best to encourage & equip regular believers to represent the Kingdom of God in their context.

5. Understanding the times - More than just being spiritually mature and a light in one‘s community, we believe it is important for Christians to understand the times we live in, to prepare and to prayerfully respond to them. We present realities from a Christian perspective.

6. Reflecting God’s work in Romania - By reflecting what God is doing through His Church in Romania, we connect believers and broaden their perspective.

Alfa Omega TV at a glance

- Translation & subtitling house - since 1994
- TV production studio – since 1999
- News, reports, talk-shows, multilingual prg.
- Equipping the Church with media resources
- Prayer & discipleship ministry; connection with local churches in Romania
- NRB Intl. TV Ministry Awards (2002, 2010)
- TV Network airing over Europe - since 2006
- Christian programs through secular TV channels in several countries – since 1994
- New media, social media, mobile, streaming
- Publishing house; bookstore; local affiliates
- Most printed Christian Magazine in Romania
- Non-denominational Christian values
- Target area: Romania, Eastern Europe

Open House - meet the team

Alfa Omega Media Center

aotv eng timeline


Tudor Petan - Testimony

Immediately following the anti-communist revolution of 1989, Tudor Petan, a computer engineer, entered the world of media business, specializing in computers and cable TV. A few years after, in 1993, Tudor Petan converted to Christianity at age 40. He immediately felt the call to serve the Lord through television, and a year later, Alfa Omega TV was born.

Since its beginning in 1994, Alfa Omega has been positively influencing the development of the moral-Christian values in Romania through Christian programs and media resources.

The activity started in 1994
with the translation and the subtitling of Christian programs, which were later broadcasted through local & regional commercial TV stations from Romania. We still perform this activity. Therefore, numerous TV programs, documentaries, Christian films subtitled in Romanian language approaching themes like: family, art, history, religious education and value-based entertainment, are weekly broadcasted by more than 40 local and regional TV stations from Romania. Many of these video resources were made available on DVD for those interested.

The year 1999
represents the second milestone in the development of Alfa Omega ministry. We began producing Christian TV programs in our studio, in Romanian. In 2000 Alfa Omega begun to weekly broadcast live programs on a local TV channel from Timișoara. The production of programs has been developing in the following years. The quality and the message of these programs were recognized at European and international level through awards received from international Christian media organizations.

In June 2006
, we launched the Alfa Omega TV channel, in Romanian language, with 24/7 broadcast and European coverage via satellite. From the beginning, our vision and desire was that this channel could be available in every Romanian house. After only one year, the channel became accessible to Romanians from everywhere through internet. The audience levels placed Alfa Omega TV in the top 30 channels in Romania since 2010, and in the Romanian Audiovisual Authority’s must-carry list of channels for Romanian cable TV networks. The Alfa Omega TV channel was since introduced in all the major cable TV and IPTV networks in Romania.

In 2010 was launched the second channel, Alfa Omega TV International, with special programs for Romanian communities from diaspora and ethnic minorities from Balkans.

Since 2010, our online and new media presence grew exponentially. At present, based on internal stats, we estimate that our impact on digital media channels equals or even surpasses the impact we have on TV.

In the fall of 2016, in partnership with CBN, we deployed the Superbook special multimedia project for kids aged 6-12 and have been developing it ever since.

At present, from our Alfa Omega media center built between 2005-2015, we continue to develop all these projects and we are looking for new possibilities and technologies to reach Romanians and other communities in Balkans through the Word of God.


Alfa Omega TV


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