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How to Disciple Anyone Anywhere - AOTV Report

Adaugat la :  15.07.2019
Vizualizari :  13
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The conference How to Disciple Anyone Anywhere was organized in late February, by Aletheia Church in Timisoara. The event gathered representatives of the evangelical churches that are part of the Romanian autonomous church federation. The organizers brought forward one of the topical themes of the Christian world.

Were always in shortage of educators when it comes to making disciples. However, this is the great Commission that Jesus Christ gives to His Church: to make disciples in every nation. We believe its a contemporary theme again and again.

The main guest speaker was Paul Gibbs, author and speaker, involved in discipleship training worldwide. As he mentioned during the conference, discipleship can be seen as a journey.

Maybe you have a team of people you do something with, but youve never thought about how to turn that into discipleship process. The key is they see you doing, you are an example to them. You are the example, theyre not just being told, theyre being shown. That is the key.

For their part, the Romanian speakers addressed topics such as discipleship, discipleship in the supernatural, discipleships bedrock, and the need for leaders who would be willing to train disciples.

I liked the fact that Jesus was so useful, that He would get invited to places. He didnt invite people. This is a principle that we must apply in discipleship: to be so effective, to have so much excellence that people would invite and call us. The society should admit it needs us, inviting us to present the principles of the Kingdom, as well as the benefits of discipleship.

The greatest crisis the Church of Jesus Christ has is the crisis of disciples, and I would say, of discipleship leaders, people who would take things to a higher level. Do you know what Apostle Paul says ? And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. Do you know where Im being assessed ? At the fourth generation.

Participants at the conference were informed of the importance of discipleship processes in local churches, but also outside of them.

I am very pleased with the chosen theme, discipleship, because I think it is time to understand that God, Jesus, called us to make disciples, not just converts. Of course many are interested about discipleship, but I think they dont all understand what it is. I realized were too much focused on theory, we give a lot of importance to teaching people what discipleship is, but we dont give them enough chances to put knowledge into practice.

Discipleship should occupy the first place, it should be local churches number one priority. I believe discipleship is a churchs forte. Practically, the church exists to make disciples. The church exists to multiply in society. If we look in the Bible, Jesus was not referred to as a preacher, but as a Teacher, a Man who taught others, who invested in His disciples. Maybe the Church needs to return to its roots and deal with things that really matter.

I particularly enjoyed the last session, about discipleship in the supernatural. We were told we must have fellowship with the Father, be close to Him and walk in this first, and only then go about teaching others to do the same. Its todays most acute topic because the disciples are the ones we send to fight tomorrows battle.

I think we need to learn and this conferences taught us to think long-term, to make fruit that will last for the Kingdom and that will bring fruit in their turn.

How To Disciple Anyone Anywhere conference was organized by Aletheia church in Timisoara, in partnership with Alfa Omega TV.

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