March for Life 2019 - Unique From Day One - AOTV Report

Adaugat la :  13.01.2020

The ninth national edition of the March for Life in Romania had the theme Unique from Day One. Thousands of people met to march for the right to life of the unborn, but it also was a show of support for women in pregnancy crisis.

Today, life wins in 600 cities in Romania and Moldova. As I look at you, my soul is filled with thanksgiving. Youre all wonderful!

Every Romanian is unique from day one. From the moment theyre in their mothers womb, every Romanian has the right to life, because life is a gift from God.

Statistics show that, in Romania, throughout the last 6 decades, over 23 million abortions were recorded. Realistically speaking, in Romania, from 1958 onward, over 23 million abortions were performed, and this number doesnt include abortions performed in private clinics, drug-induced abortions, and abortions made by Romanians gone abroad.

The March for Life organizers wanted to make the public opinion aware of the severity of abortion and the need to protect the natural family.

We want to express a normalcy point of view, not as a negative reaction, but as a positive and natural reaction that we, people promoting family and the God-given life values have.

First and foremost, Im here for the love of Christ and His Law, as well as for my love for the helpless, the most fragile human beings in this country and in this world, that is, for the unborn babies.

In Romania, the termination of pregnancy is an old problem. During the communist era, although forbidden, between 180 and 400 thousands abortions were performed each year. During those times, having a second child was terribly difficult. The drama a Romanian woman had to face in those days society was particularly tough. Almost no family wanted to have a second child too soon due to the many shortages and great hardships.

Pro-life activities initiated by the civil society have increasing the impact on the public opinion.

When my wife was in the hospital and I came to visit, I realized there are some in the I.C.U fighting for their life, while in the next room, or somewhere near, there are women throwing their babies in the trash can.

God is the only one taking this decision for every one of us. He determines whether we live or not, are born or not. We believe life is everyones first basic right, whether one is born or unborn.

I believe all born people have value, but I also think the unborn share the same value as ours.

Im pro-life. Firstly, I received life and I too want to give life. I believe everyone of us feels closer to our family, to our dear ones, and we see people next to us with more understanding and kind feelings.

Christians shouldnt feel ashamed that the perennial values they believe in are Europes true values.

We live in a time when instead of loving people and using things, were loving things and using people. The consequences of abortion reach beyond women and families involved in it: it also carries spiritual implications for the nations.

Our nation is spiritually ill. God tells us in 2 Chronicles 7:14: If my people, who are called by My name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face (...) then I will hear from heaven (...) and will heal their land.

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