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Learn more: https://alfaomega.tv/en - Many people today would not enter a church to listen to a priest or a pastor. But, through media, we reach people where they are: at home, on their way to work or when they relax. By creatively using television, print and digital media, we present all the facets of the Gospel to Romanians.

We are missionaries through media.



We evangelize the lost. We present the Gospel permanently and in various ways, on all our media channels. We use the Superbook multimedia project to help children discover the Bible.

We minister to all in need. Through prayer, first-response counselling and special projects, we help thousands each year.

We assist Christians to mature in Christ and be discipled, by helping them to know God and the Scriptures better.

We equip believers to practically apply their faith in society, in all walks of life, from Monday to Sunday.

We help Romanians understand the times, to pray and prepare for what is to come, by analyzing news and events from a Christian perspective.

We reflect God’s work in Romania, through media partnerships, news and reports, helping believers widen their horizon.



Television is our main project for doing mission through media. We broadcast a TV channel since 2006, we produce hundreds of hours of Christian programs annually and we distribute them to over 30 secular TV networks in Romania and Moldova.

We are very active on digital media platforms. We publish thousands of articles and videos on our website and on social media. We also offer downloads and mobile apps.

We use print media for mission work. Since 2011, we print and distribute the Alfa Omega TV Magazine and other print resources. Our publishing house and e-store offer books, DVDs and digital resources.



Alfa Omega TV began its interdenominational ministry through media in 1994, subtitling and airing Christian programs on secular TV stations in Romania. 1999 marked our beginning in TV production in Romanian (să nu pară că până atunci n-a mai produs nimeni nimic pt TV în România). Alfa Omega TV channel was launched in 2006, making the most of the video resources gathered through the years. In 2002, we started the Alfa Omega Publishing House, printing hundreds of books so far. Since 2000, we have a continuous presence online, first on our website, then on social media and using the new technologies. In 2011, we began printing the Alfa Omega TV Magazine. At present, we continue and develop all these media projects, looking for new ways to reach Romanians.



With everything that we do, we assist people to know God and to grow in their faith, we minister to those in need and we equip Christians to be relevant in our contemporary society, understanding the times we live in.

Alfa Omega TV - mission through media.

Learn more about Alfa Omega TV Romania: https://alfaomega.tv/en

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Alfa Omega TV Production deține 2 licențe de emisie TV pe satelit: canalele Alfa Omega TV și Alfa Omega TV Internațional. Alfa Omega TV editeaza, la fiecare doua luni, revista: "Alfa Omega TV Magazin".
SC Alfa Omega TV Production SRL, Str Aurel Pop nr. 8, Timisoara. Reprezentant legal și asociat unic: Pețan Tudor. Conducerea societății: Pețan Tudor: director general, coodonator programe; Pețan Mirela: director executiv; Mocofan Muguraș: director tehnic/dezvoltare.
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