Nicky Cruz and Gary Wilkerson in Romania - AOTV Report

Adaugat la :  13.01.2020

Nicky Cruz, The Cross and the Switchblades movie antihero came to know Christs love when pastor David Wilkerson shared the Good News to him in the 1960s. The Puerto Ricans life was transformed and Nicky Cruz now spreads Gods Word to people around the world. Just recently, he was in Romania together with pastor Gary Wilkerson, David Wilkersons son.

One night, when David Wilkerson was preaching, two events occurred simultaneously: his son, Gary Wilkerson, was being born, and Nicky Cruz was being born again, receiving Christ into his heart.

I see that youre making progress, I believe that youve got to make more progress. Christians need to be more outspoken and more honest. I believe its the power of the Holy Ghost, only God can to this.

I pray that pastors be anointed with the power of the Spirit so that the church could burn with the compassion that is needed to reach the lost. I do believe that... I want to see that moment when young people all over the world, especially in the United States and in your country, will receive a revival because theyre faced with a tremendous pressure from everybody, peer pressure. I know thats the way God is going to raise people that would bring the Gospel to the young people because they are going to bring the revival.

The nearly eighty-year old Nicky Cruz shared the testimony of his transformed life over the two days of the suggestive named event The Cross Has Won over the Switchblade, held at the Roman Arenas in the Romanian capital.

Why? Why did God place me in the womb of a witch to go to hell ? Not just my mother, my father too, this is my background, my father was a satanic priest. What did you expect? Jesus Christ was never mentioned. Ladies and gentlemen, Wilkerson broke the silence. He said to me: I came to give you a message from heaven. Nicky, Jesus loves you !

Nicky Cruz testimony transformed many lives over the years. Attendees at the Roman Arenas event were moved by the liberating and restorative message of Gods love.

Nicky Cruz had a great influence on my life. Eleven years ago, I was an injectable heroin addict. I was hospitalized in a rehabilitation centre and, while I was there, somebody handed me The Cross and the Switchblade book. Reading the book, I found out Nickys story. It touched a deep chord in my heart and started to give me hope just when I felt most hopeless. It made me hope I myself could be set free from the addiction and have a new life.

This was the beginning of my journey with God. Having the opportunity to stand near him and to act as his interpreter was a great honor and joy. I read The Cross and the Switchblade four times. Therefore, I knew about Nicky Cruz life. Im impressed by his life, by how he turned to God and He transformed Nicky, by his healing and deliverance process. I was very glad at the end, seeing how so many people came forward sincerely, seeking either healing or deliverance, or just to receive Lord Jesus in their life.

My greatest joy is seeing people being open and with an honest wish to receive Christ in their hearts. The Cross Has Won over the Switchblade evangelistic event, live-streamed by Alfa Omega TV on their Facebook page, was watched by tens of thousands of people around the world.

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