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Alfa Omega Media Center - the story of our building & studios - Tudor & Mirela Petan

Adaugat la :  23.08.2019

This building, Alfa Omega Media Center, was birthed not by our abilities, even though we sacrificed on our part, not through our strength, though we used our intellectual capacity, relational capacities, but it was done by the Spirit of the Lord. We believe this. Little by little, we saw how the hand of God intervened in raising up this building, because after furnishing the ground floor phase, furnishing the second floor followed. This took place in 2011.

The building is now finished. God has put on our hearts to equip ourselves. We still have a few areas that are not used. But we also have some areas that are overcrowded. Even now as we are filming this little story of the Alfa Omega TV building, we are thinking of the further development. Some of the developments we can do in this building by optimizing space, using spaces that are not fully used.

What I can say after nearly 20 years, beyond a realization, beyond what we see, what is over and above the amount of equipment, or the furnishings of this building, is an appreciation of the presence of the Holy Spirit. We especially feel it in the area of the studio. The studio is like a box, a separate portion fixed to the building. It is a building 12 meters by 12 meters, a concrete box 7 meters high. Thats how the Lord told us to do it, so that it is independent of the rest of the building. In there, beyond the phonic conditions, the thermal insulation, and the good, perfect electromagnetics that are up to standard, we feel that it is growing each day, with every live broadcast which we produce in that studio, its the presence of the Holy Spirit.

God spoke to us prophetically, because many prophetic words have been spoken over the Alfa Omega building, over the construction, over the project. God spoke to me prophetically that this building will host the Glory of the Lord, and I believe that it is beginning to happen. We feel it in a nearly palpable way in the Alfa Omega TV studio.

I want to thank the Lord for this miracle, then I want to thank all those who have contributed in one way or another to this work. Because this house is the accumulation of many seeds planted by many people, organizations, our partners, but all of these seeds, pure and simple, have together established this building which we are in and which you can see. So, we thank the Lord for Alfa Omega House.

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Canalul Alfa Omega TV poate fi receptionat gratuit via satelit: Eutelsat E16A, 16 grade Est, Frecventa – 12.717 Mhz, Polarizare Orizontală, Symbol rate - 7500 ks/s, FEC - 3/4, Codare - MPEG-4. Alfa Omega TV Production detine 2 licente de emisie TV pe satelit: canalele Alfa Omega TV si Alfa Omega TV International. SC Alfa Omega TV Production SRL, Str Aurel Pop nr. 8, Timisoara. Reprezentant legal si asociat unic: Petan Tudor. Conducerea societatii: Petan Tudor: director general, coodonator programe; Petan Mirela: director executiv; Mocofan Muguras: director tehnic/dezvoltare.  Cod de conduita profesionala


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