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Burning Bush - 15 Years of Prayers on the Mountain

Adaugat la :  13.08.2019
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Its been 15 years since Romanians started their annual national prayer gathering, known us “Burning Bush”. Since 2005, Romanian Christians participate in this meeting that goes beyond any denominational or ethnic barrier. They come together to pray and worship God.

Gavril Seica, Ponoara, Bihor county: When I came here with some brothers, we prayed before it started and a brother saw a vision of a huge fire on this hill. The fire is now expanding. God works through the fire of the Holy Ghost.

Ioan Caba, organizer, Burning Bush”: “The Burning Bush” is an event known in the whole world. Our Lord Jesus saw everything, He looked at us, stepped in and worked in all areas. Were thankful for the surprises He prepared for us in 2019. We had tremendous joy from the beginning.

The powerful outpouring of the spirit was the 2019 editions trademark, according to the organizers.

Samuel Caba, organizer Burning Bush”: The 15th edition of 2019 was special because from the first moments God told us it would be filled with His glory. Gods glory was over the entire assembly. Great things happened from the first meeting, starting with the first prayer. The Holy Ghost surprised us in an extraordinary way. In addition to the miracles, baptisms and fillings of the Spirit, that happen every year, we saw transformed people offering their lives to Christ. The most important thing I want to emphasize is that people showed dedication and a desire to be “a burning bush”.

Ionel Stefan Cristea, Suceava county: God performed everything. It was a manifestation of The Holy Spirit, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit over those who persisted in prayer.

Ovidiu Raim Jibou, Salaj county: This years edition was a lot fuller with Holy Spirits presence and I believe God will continue working here with signs and wonders.

Ioan Cenghetus, Salaj county: Im very glad to be here every year, I started coming in 2007. I can see Gods work! God does performs signs and wonders here! Praise the Lord!

The highlight of this years gathering in Ponoara, Romania, was the prayer for Romania. People from almost all counties and from diaspora, from different denominations and social groups, united in prayer for their nation.

Florin Dan, organizer Burning Bush”: In that moment, I received a word from God, that His Spirit will bring a new fire over Romania, spreading it, so as to cover the entire country. It will not necessarily go from here, at the “Burning Bush”, but people everywhere in Romania will bring Gods presence with them in every area of society. Just as pastor Razvan perceived it, I too understood that God will establish a new level of glory in politics, administration, society, in every structure of our nation.

Razvan Mihailescu, pastor, Raul vietii” Church, Bucharest: Its time! Rise up, Gods people! Rise up, Gods prophets! Intercessors, rise up! Rise up! Believing, God-fearing parliamentarians, rise up! Rise up! You who care about this country, rise up and praise the Lord! May our nation shelter Gods glory! In Jesus name, every darkness is scattered away! Maintain your position!

Burning Bush”s 15 edition was marked by prayer for deliverance, healing and restoration, for children and young people, for baptism and filling of the Spirit.

Ghita Pasca, Bihor county: Year after year, in this place I saw God doing wonderful things. God is working with power! Its easy to see that!

Stefan Petre, Bucharest: I saw miracles, restored and transformed individuals and families. Im overwhelmed by how Gods Kingdom is extended and preached!

Andrei Tiberiu Prodan, Alba county: Its my first time at the “Burning Bush”. Its very nice! There are a lot of people seeking God, desiring Gods heart.

Samuel Ciuciumis, Timisoara: The hunger and thirst for God I could see here had a big impact on me. People had a true desire for God, they deeply wanted God and His presence, they wanted to feel His power manifested over them, to receive deliverance and healing.

The “Burning Bush” Interdenominational Association invited evangelical speakers, as well as praise and worship bands.

Vladimir Pustan, pastor, Sfanta Treime” Church, Beius, Bihor county: I dont know what will happen to our country, but one thing I know: if we wont learn what prayer, unity, patience are, if we wont invest in our own children, believing there is a John the Baptist inside each of them, it will be our end.

Petrica Hututui, pastor, Limanuri bune” Church, Botosani city: We like to say and sing that were seeking God. Yeah, right! We are seeking Him, having personal motives. The one who is really interested in this seeking process is God. He is seeking us.

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