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Burning Bush Prayer on the Mountain Gathering in Remote Area of Romania

Adaugat la :  11.07.2019

Rugul Aprins, the prayer meeting on the mountain in Ponoara, Bihor county, came to its 13th edition. The event started in August 3rd and it continued for five days, with participants coming in thousands from Romania and abroad. Christians of various denominations came together to listen to sermons and to benefit from prayers for physical and emotional healing.

Rugul Aprins Interdenominational Organization invited ministers of the Word from Romania and abroad, missionaries from Nigeria and Italy as well as praise and worship bands.

This is the 13th edition of Rugul Aprins in Ponoara, manifestation that came to life as a result of Gods communications. Decades have passed since I came to the Lord, 64 years to be exact, and during this time I watched what was happening in churches and wherever I went. I noticed that people are needing the Lord. Then I discovered that the Bible tells us Jesus sacrifice provides solutions for every problem anyone might have. After having noticed this, I wondered what is to be done. I wondered if it was better to help people make connections and collaborations, or to help them find individual solutions to the problems they are faced with. I came to the conclusion the answers can be found through prayers to Jesus. Each and every year, I noticed that God works in continuity.

What starts Thursday evening continues until Monday. If youre not involved daily, you lose. Ive seen how this idea of continuity becomes more and more obvious.

I think the people we invite here are praying a lot. Moreover, we have a prayer group sustaining us with 21 days of prayer and fasting before the event.

God told me to do Esthers fast for an outpouring of grace upon all the pastors and ministers of God participating in the ministry, for the teaching they will do. Prayer and preaching are not the only important things. They are good, but the Word addressed directly to the point and to peoples need is much more meaningful. God poured his grace upon the ministers so that they would be able to explain to us how the victory can be achieved, considering the situation in Romania and in the world.

The talks concentrated on the need for repentance, lifestyle change, on Gods Word transforming power, on forgiveness and unity among Christians regardless of their confession. Mircea Rosca, an ex-parliamentarian, brought to attention the challenges facing the family and the church in the European context, emphasizing the importance of prayer when promoting Christian values in politics.

I told people about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I spoke with parliamentarians who are sad, discouraged people. We live in a country thats not ruled by the Parliament anymore. Its no longer ruled by institutions due to devils involvement in the HOWs. On this planet, there is no other place like Romania. We watched others wanting to be just like them for 25 years. But we have the greatest blessing. We werent able to use money coming from the EU because they didnt want to teach us how to proceed. Although we couldnt take that money and upgrade the infrastructure, prince Charles could see the countrys blessings when he came to Romania. It smells of nettle and grass. What a blessed country ! This country is so blessed, we just have to open our eyes to see it. We, the ones who know Christ, are the first to do this because He Is our light and He makes the difference.

One of the most important messages at this 13th edition of Rugul Aprins was given by pastor Viorel Iuga, president of The Alliance of Christian Baptist Churches of Romania. He spoke about the Christian familys importance and its need of submitting to God.

My dear brothers, family life isnt like what you see in the movies, but with Gods help, it can be beautiful. Praise the Lord ! Brothers and sisters, this year we have to speak and defend family and normalcy. God set this principle. Thousands of years of history proved God knew what He was doing, therefore we believe it is in our benefit to have written in the supreme law, the Constitution, that family is the union between a man and a woman. Amen !

If we dont respect Gods guidelines for family life, but we do speak about Him all day, people will notice the hypocrisy. As for God, He would condemn us sternly for having no shame. He would tell us to go to the garden of Eden, the showroom where He displayed the final product, the family. Only there we can see what He meant by saying It is not good for man to live alone. If we dont want to fix our family life, we should at least have the courage to admit our life is a disaster not because God would have wanted so, but because we and our spouses dont listen to Him. My question today is: If you insist on advocating for the family, are you ready to commit to submitting to God as a man after Gods heart and have that reflected in your own home ?

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