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Gypsy Baptism in Maierus, rural Romania - AOTV report

Adaugat la :  10.07.2019
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The Romany community is one of the oldest and biggest ethnic minorities in Romania. Romania has the largest number of Roma in Europe. Taking into account the ratio to the overall population, Bulgaria presents a higher percentage of this ethnic minority.

Situated 19 miles north from Brasov municipality, Maierus village has a population of 2,920 inhabitants, 38.97% of which are Romany.

God uses signs and wonders among Romany communities as of last years. Christian Roma churches are being established and the existing ones grow bigger here, in Romania, and abroad.

There are many Gypsy communities in the areas of Brasov and Covasna. The largest Gypsy community in Romania is in Garcini, Sacele, where there are living over 14,000 Romany.

We have 5 churches with over 4,000 baptized persons. I want to share with you the secret to Gypsies becoming Christians. We have a sensitive soul, thats how we think of ourselves. Were more receptive to Gods Word, it touches us really quickly.

What was said a long time, that gypsies have no church, is not true anymore. By the grace of God, we now have churches, pastors and ministers of Christ. Were a church baptised in the Holy Spirit, we believe in the Holy Spirits ministry, and we want to do everything Gods Word tells us to. I believe now is our time.

I believe God works through the Roma population and the program you see now and todays event are tools God uses for the salvation of many souls. Were very glad we met God, the One who watches over and heals us. We need to pray to Him. He is great and watches over everyone on Earth.

We thank God for returning to His Word. Here, in Ivesti, nobody knew anything about repentance or about God. We thank God for our turning to Him and for His working with signs and wonders.

An evangelistic event was organized in Maierus in May, for the first time in the history of the village. A great number of Romanis living in the areas of Brasov gave their lives to Jesus, had their born again experiences, they were healed and delivered. Thus, over 450 persons confessed their faith in Jesus, being baptized before a number of over 1,000 Christian participants.

I have decided to follow Lord Jesus. I came here to be baptized so that I can be a part of His Kingdom.

My name is Rapa Vasilica. My hometown is Fagaras and we decided to follow Lord Jesus. Hes done so much for our families !

We organized this event with Gods help, wishing God would save many souls.

Due to the large percentage of Romanis in the areas of Brasov and Covasna, God put this thought in our minds and we concluded we are to organize a tent revival in Brasov, so that brothers and sisters could meet and experience Gods presence.

We thank God for this opportunity. Today, we have 460 candidates for baptism. I believe Christ will continue to save souls. Over 1,500 people are present at this tent. God gave us a great success with this first edition and we thank Him for this reason. He will continue to bless us.

We came here having a great love towards this ministry. Many people are repenting and this is a good sign. May God bless Romania and every place reached by this message !

I pray people turn to Jesus because He died for us. We cannot thank Him enough for His sacrifice. We thank Him for making His presence felt here and for the 1,000 people that are present in this place, together with ministers and pastors that will accomplish their ministry. People will be baptized. We have over 200 funerals. Well bury our brothers and sisters today, but, at the same time, theyll arise in Christ. Glory be to Jesus Christ !

The tent revival lasted for three days. Pastors from Switzerland, America and Romania were invited to preach at the meeting.

We read from Gods Word, namely Mark 16:16, and I request of you to listen carefully. Let us see what the Scripture tells us. If the Bible tells us to believe and then be baptized, then we will act accordingly.

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