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The Story of Decean Band, A Heart for Worship

Adaugat la :  23.01.2020

Music is a gift that God gave to man and, in general, it carries spiritual significance. Through music people can be brought into the presence of God.

Mihai Decean, member of Decean band: I knew God had given us this desire and this calling, to do music. It was a gift that we received. And not only did we receive it, we inherited it. And we wanted to use this gift for the Kingdom of God.

Decean Band from Ocna Mures, Alba County, has been a constant presence in the arena of Christian music in Romania as early as the 90s. Their debut album entitled New Song was recorded in 1995.

Augustin Decean, member of Decean band: Our first recording was at the Message studio in Cluj. New Song was the title of our first album. At that time we were music pioneers.

In the evolution of the band there were many stages, from rock to a contemporary style. However, regardless of the rhythm, the groups members say that their music was created for the glory of God.

Augustin Decean: There was a stage when we got up and played in a way that was more hard, a rock style. In our second stage we changed the style to praise and worship and after that we actually went with the contemporary model--Hillsong, Planetshakers, very current.

Mihai Decean: In 2000 we managed to record an album; it was entitled Open the Book. It was a bit more aggressive style of music, a little more rock so we really didnt have an opening in many places, especially during that time. After all, it was 2000 and not everyone was open to drums, or for a more rhythmic music.

An important moment was their participation at the SOZO Festival of Christian music organized in Baja, Hungary.

Augustin Decean: God searched our hearts there! We felt such a powerful presence of God over us. We stayed in prayer for a few minutes just before going on stage. We stayed there in prayer and we all cried, we hugged and we felt God. The moment we stepped on stage the tent was empty---it was a huge tent. When we began playing the first chords on the intruments, in just a few minutes the tent was full. We realized that it wasnt because we were there and because Deacean was singing on stage. No! The presence of God was so powerfully felt.

At such turning points, God encouraged them and gave them a vision.

Mihai Decean: He reoriented us towards something else and immediately we began to do music differently, to model it, to change it and the results were seen later on. I remember that I received a prophecy from someone and he said, God showed me that you did a new album and this album was a blessing for many people in Romania.

The members of Decean Band have recorded many albums, participated at many concerts, evangelistic meetings and other events. In addition to the message transmitted through music, theyve also had a message from the Word of God.

Mihai Decean: We recorded an album somewhere along in 2003 or 2004, called Decean Praise 1. The following year we recorded Decean Praise 2. They were 2 albums with praise and worship music, but more rhythmic, in the Decean style, which was a total changeover, and it much, much better. But then, I remember recording the album My Road and it was an album that was very blessed, an album for which God gave us the songs. What we sang on that album were compositions, something from the heart.

Over time they were faithful, dedicated and perseverant, seeking to do Gods will. From the desire to be relevant for the younger generation of Romania, the Torrent conference was born. The first edition took place in 2008.

Mihai Decean: God spoke to us and we said, Lets do this, lets do a conference! We planned the conference, we did a little publicity, we began the preparations. On the day of the conference, when we looked out in the meeting hall, 900 people had come. The hall was full. For us this was confirmation that God had spoken to us to do it.

Augustin Decean: I encourage all young people who are listening to this, to come. Were trying to invest, to raise music standards and to bring people of value. Its a very fine context, a modern, contemporary, current context. We want to be current!

Their participation at differnt events have, many times, kept them away from their families.

Paula Decean: It was hard because he was gone so much, but I didnt take it like a burden knowing that what he was doing was the work of God. And Decean band had a great impact in the country, and for that I am thankful to the Lord.

For more than 20 years, Decean band has been leading people into the presence of God through music. The members of the band consider that its very important to allow God to lead them in each step they need to make in their calling.

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