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Alfa Omega TV - What we do

We are missionaries through media, reaching Romanians all over the world, as well as other communities in Eastern Europe. We do media ministry through:


Television is the main media technology we use for our missionary work. We broadcast two 24/7 TV channels, we produce hundreds of programs every year. We are also providing Christian programs, produced by us or by our partners, to over 40 partner secular TV stations in Romania and other countries.

Internet/new media technologies

Complementing the television work, we use new technologies and tools, relevant for the young generation. Our website hosts thousands of articles and video resources, several online TV channels, a virtual bookstore and other web applications. All these resources are also available for tablets, phones or mobile devices. One can also interact with us through all the main social media platforms.

Distributing Christian media resources

The Alfa Omega bookstore offers a great number of resources and Christian content: books, DVDs, Bibles and study materials both for individuals, as well as for churches. One can learn more about this by demanding our product catalogue or by accessing our virtual bookstore at

Prayer support

Beyond any particular media or technology, we strive to become involved in our viewers lives and to serve them as best as we can through prayer and counseling. Our staff, together with other intercessors from Romania, are constantly praying for our viewers and those who interact with us, both from Romania and from the Diaspora. We also connect those who need help with local churches and other partners to offer them one-on-one support.

Mission through television

Alfa Omega TV Channel

Our main project is the Alfa Omega TV channel, on air since June 2006, the first Christian TV channel in Romania. Our target audience is the Romanian community everywhere, regardless of location, denomination or religious affiliation.

We offer a large variety of programs, for people of all ages: documentaries, movies, Christian educational programs, cartoons, children programs, talk-shows, news from the Christian world, musical programs, youth shows, science, culture and civilization programs.

Airing 24/7 since 2006, Alfa Omega TV reaches a potential audience of 5 million Romanians via television, the Internet and mobile technologies. The channel is broadcast free-to-air via satellite, covering Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Alfa Omega TV channel is included in cable networks in numerous cities, towns and villages in Romania, as well as other neighboring countries. Since 2010, Alfa Omega TV ratings place it among the 25 most watched Romanian TV channels.

Through the variety and quality of the programs aired, Alfa Omega TV maintains its relevance for Romanians, promoting Christian values in the contemporary Romanian society, and making a difference in the audiovisual space.

Alfa Omega TV channel is a source of rich spiritual nourishment for all who want to understand and to fulfill the word of God in their life. Through the aired programs, many Romanians have come to know God, have been transformed and drawn closer to God.

Satellite reception (FTA): Astra 4A satellite, 4.8 degrees East, freq: 12.703 Mhz, polarization: vertical, SR: 2963 Msymb/s, FEC: 3/4

Alfa Omega TV International

In October 2010, we launched a second channel – Alfa Omega TV International – a teaching channel focusing on believers and a platform for programs in other European languages. It is available 24/7 via the Internet. On AOTVI, Christians can watch religious services, biblical seminars, conferences, Romanian programs produced in the Diaspora, programs for the Balkans area, as well as programs produced by Alfa Omega TV.

Since 1994, Christian programs on secular commercial tv stations

Over 40 local and regional secular TV stations from Romania, Moldova, Italy, Ukraine, Serbia and US are airing Christian programs provided by Alfa Omega TV, reaching a potential audience of several million viewers. We are airing on a weekly basis documentaries, children’s programs, news and our flagship program „The Way, the Truth and the Life”.

Mission through new media and content distribution

Alfa Omega TV Magazine

In December 2011, we published the first issue of Alfa Omega TV Magazine, containing the TV guide, news, editorials and Christian inspirational articles, distributed free of charge. It was well received by the public, leading to a gradual increase in the number of printed copies and in the quality of the content.

Alfa Omega TV website

Alfa Omega TV and Alfa Omega TV International are rebroadcast on our website, together with other 24/7 channels and thousands of videos on-demand, e-books, inspirational articles, seminars and Christian news. Romanians from all over the world access at any time Christian media resources on

Alfa Omega TV on mobile devices

People can access all of our resources and live channels on their Android-powered mobile devices, as well as on the iPhone/iPad/iPod, by visiting our mobile-friendly website, We have also developed a custom mobile app to bring our resources straight into the hands of the users, freely available in the Apple AppStore and in Google Play. It provides access to the live 24/7 channel, video-on-demand, the TV guide, news, prayer, special offers, and our magazine.

Social media

There are many other ways one can interact with us. We have a presence on all major social media platforms: we tweet, upload hundreds of videos on YouTube, we engage, communicate and post on social networks. We invite you to become our Facebook page fans ( to stay up-to-date with the latest news and engage us directly. Alfa Omega TV! :)

Media resources in the Alfa Omega TV bookstore

Through its online bookstore, Alfa Omega TV provides books, DVDs, Bibles and study materials to disciple believers and equip them for ministry, as well as to provide clean, family-friendly entertainment.

Alfa Omega TV resource catalog

We’ve published a catalogue offering a detailed list of our resources, in a compact and attractive format. Contact us, you can receive it for free.

Alfa Omega TV online bookstore

A more convenient way to explore and order our products is online at You can browse through our sections, buy the products, watch excerpts from the video resources, read free chapters from the books available, or discover similar materials. Our website can help you find the resources you need.

Alfa Omega TV – Partnering with local churches

Resources for church activities

  • Video, audio and printed resources for church activities and church bookstores;
  • International School of Ministry (ISOM) – video programs for discipling and training church members (;

Support and promotion services

  • Web streaming services for broadcasting church programs;
  • „Glimpse of reality” - Alfa Omega TV is airing special programs produced by different churches (seminars, concerts, video clips);
  • Media training – training seminars to assist church media departments;
  • Promoting church events through television, the Internet (newsletter, website) and the Alfa Omega TV Magazine;
  • Airtime on Alfa Omega TV and Alfa Omega TV International for sermons and church programs;

Local churches partner with Alfa Omega TV by:

  • Praying for the impact of Alfa Omega TV ministry;
  • Following up with people that need prayer and special counseling and call in;
  • Distributing the free Alfa Omega TV Magazine to church members;
  • Petitioning TV networks to include Alfa Omega TV in their channel package.

Witness and part of God’s work in Romania

Live TV shows with prayer

Alfa Omega TV regularly produces interactive programs in its new TV studio. Men of God present practical Christian truths and pray in the studio for the needs of the viewers. The programs approach a large variety of themes such as healing, deliverance from curses or bondage, restoring Christian families and others. Feedback from our viewers show that their lives have been transformed through salvation, deliverance, restored relationships, physical and emotional healing.

Reflecting God’s work in Romania

As a media organization, we come in contact with many churches, ministries and Christian movements having the same purpose: to establish God’s kingdom on earth. This gives us an unique insight and overview of God’s work in Romania and enables us to become an integral part of it. Through what we do – producing programs, TV reports, news and promotional materials – we encourage and reflect these movements, witnessing the revival that God prepares for Romania.

Other projects

  • Alfa Omega ministry continues to stand with Israel, producing and airing special programs, promoting and organizing media events and conferences to mobilize Romanian believers to pray for God’s chosen people.
  • Creation week – an annual media event promoting Creationism through scientific creationist documentaries, movies and educational programs.
  • We are airing weekly programs for ethnic groups living in Romania and SE Europe, on Alfa Omega TV and Alfa Omega TV International channels (in Bulgarian, Serbian, Hungarian, German, Slovak).
  • Since 2002, we provide a daily Romanian language block airing on TBN Europe satellite channel, covering Europe (MON-SAT, 05:30-06:30 and 16-17).
  • We are publishing books and materials about prayer, intercession, counseling, deliverance, and spiritual warfare (Alfa Omega Publishing).
  • Alfa Omega Communications Center - our studio facilities are a platform for media projects in Romania and Europe.

Content Strategy

1. Evangelism - Most of our audience is not born again. Via TV programs or web resources, we always present the Gospel in the homes we’re allowed in.

2. Direct Ministry - We are doing our best to provide prayer and ministry to those in need, through live TV programs and our follow-up ministry.

3. Spiritual life & growth - Many of our resources are for discipleship, to help people deal with issues, know God better, grow spiritually and be equipped for ministry.

4. Christians’ relevance to society - Every Christian is called to be salt & light, as they know God, mature and deal with issues. We do our best to encourage & equip regular believers to represent the Kingdom of God in their context.

5. Understanding the times - More than just being spiritually mature and a light in one‘s community, we believe it is important for Christians to understand the times we live in, to prepare and to prayerfully respond to them. We present realities from a Christian perspective.

6. Reflecting God’s work in Romania - By reflecting what God is doing through His Church in Romania, we connect believers and broaden their perspective.

aotv media strategy 660Alfa Omega TV at a glance

- Translation & subtitling house - since 1994
- TV production studio – since 1999
- News, reports, talk-shows, multilingual prg.
- Equipping the Church with media resources
- Prayer & discipleship ministry; connection with local churches in Romania
- NRB Intl. TV Ministry Awards (2002, 2010)
- TV Network airing over Europe - since 2006
- Christian programs through secular TV channels in several countries – since 1994
- New media, social media, mobile, streaming
- Publishing house; bookstore; local affiliates
- Most printed Christian Magazine in Romania
- Non-denominational Christian values
- Target area: Romania, Eastern Europe

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