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Alfa Omega TV - Mission through media

Working behind a video camera, in an editing suite or in front of a computer, creatively using television, the Internet and new-media technologies, is a missionary endeavour as significant as a traditional ministry.

We are missionaries through media.

Alfa Omega TVOur goal is to be part of the missionary work in Romania and Europe through:


Alfa Omega is an instrument God uses to save Romanians all over the world. Through the evangelistic content of the media resources sent out, people hear about God, they are transformed and learn to live a Christ-like life. We are media missionaries.

Ministry and discipleship

As a Christian media ministry, Alfa Omega TV sees equipping and discipling believers as a top priority. Since 1994, when we began our activity, a great number of Christians in Romania have been set free, healed, blessed, and encouraged through Alfa Omega TV programs. Our purpose is to minister to and equip the Body of Christ in Romania through all our media content and resources. We are called to disciple a nation.

Reflecting God’s work

Through the years, Alfa Omega TV has been a media partner for various organizations and Christian ministries in Romania. Alfa Omega TV has been constantly promoting revival movements, impactful conferences, prayer meetings, and other events of the Christian Church of Romania. Through television, Christians from all corners of the world are part of what God is doing in Romania

Alfa Omega TV is Witness and Part of God"s work in Romania.

What makes us different:

  • Interdenominational character – through the programs it broadcasts, Alfa Omega addresses Christians from all denominations.
  • Influence in the Romanian society through secular TV channels – since 1994, we distribute Christian programs on a weekly basis to over 40 secular TV stations in Romania and other countries.
  • Media campaigns with themes relevant to our society – science and creationism, pro-Israel, pro-life, pro-family, anti-addiction, ethics in business, prayer and intercession for the nation.
  • A broad range of media tools used to maximize the impact of our ministry: television,
    audio-video productions and resources, Internet, mobile devices, publishing books and magazines.
  • Partnerships with numerous key Christian organizations in Romania and Europe.
  • Our main priority is Romania, the Republic of Moldova and the Balkans, but we are reaching to the ends of the earth.

Content Strategy

1. Evangelism - Most of our audience is not born again. Via TV programs or web resources, we always present the Gospel in the homes we’re allowed in.

2. Direct Ministry - We are doing our best to provide prayer and ministry to those in need, through live TV programs and our follow-up ministry.

3. Spiritual life & growth - Many of our resources are for discipleship, to help people deal with issues, know God better, grow spiritually and be equipped for ministry.

4. Christians’ relevance to society - Every Christian is called to be salt & light, as they know God, mature and deal with issues. We do our best to encourage & equip regular believers to represent the Kingdom of God in their context.

5. Understanding the times - More than just being spiritually mature and a light in one‘s community, we believe it is important for Christians to understand the times we live in, to prepare and to prayerfully respond to them. We present realities from a Christian perspective.

6. Reflecting God’s work in Romania - By reflecting what God is doing through His Church in Romania, we connect believers and broaden their perspective.

aotv media strategy 660Alfa Omega TV at a glance

- Translation & subtitling house - since 1994
- TV production studio – since 1999
- News, reports, talk-shows, multilingual prg.
- Equipping the Church with media resources
- Prayer & discipleship ministry; connection with local churches in Romania
- NRB Intl. TV Ministry Awards (2002, 2010)
- TV Network airing over Europe - since 2006
- Christian programs through secular TV channels in several countries – since 1994
- New media, social media, mobile, streaming
- Publishing house; bookstore; local affiliates
- Most printed Christian Magazine in Romania
- Non-denominational Christian values
- Target area: Romania, Eastern Europe

Our Story

In 1993, following the anti-communist revolution of 1989, Tudor Petan, a computer engineer, entered the world of media business, specializing in computers and cable TV. A few years after, in 1993, Tudor Petan converted to Christianity at age 40. He immediately felt the call to serve the Lord through television, and a year later, Alfa Omega TV was born.

Since its beginning in 1994, Alfa Omega has been positively influencing the development of the moral-Christian values in Romania through Christian programs and media resources.

1. The activity started in 1994 with the translation and the subtitling of Christian programs, which were later broadcasted through local & regional commercial TV stations from Romania. We still perform this activity. Therefore, numerous TV programs, documentaries, Christian films subtitled in Romanian language approaching themes like: family, art, history, religious education and value-based entertainment, are weekly broadcasted by more than 40 local and regional TV stations from Romania. Many of these video resources were made available on DVD for those interested.

2. The year 1999 represents the second milestone in the development of Alfa Omega ministry. We began producing Christian TV programs in our studio, in Romanian. In 2000 Alfa Omega begun to weekly broadcast live programs on a local TV channel from Timișoara. The production of programs has been developing in the following years. The quality and the message of these programs were recognized at European and international level through awards received from international Christian media organizations.

3. In June 2006, eight years ago, we launched the Alfa Omega TV channel, in Romanian language, with 24/7 broadcast and European coverage. From the beginning, our vision and desire was that this channel could be available in every Romanian house. After only one year, the channel became accessible to Romanians from everywhere through internet. The audience levels placed Alfa Omega TV in the top 30 channels in Romania since 2010, and in the Romanian Audiovisual Authority’s must-carry list of channels for Romanian cable TV networks.

The Alfa Omega TV channel was introduced in many analogue and digital cable TV networks, notably the digital package of UPC throughout Romania, as well as in many other cable and IPTV networks in many cities and towns throughout the country. We are also being received through the FREESAT DTH satellite platform.

4. In 2010 was launched the second channel, Alfa Omega TV International, with special programs for Romanian communities from diaspora and ethnic minorities from Balkans.

5. Now, from our Alfa Omega media center, we continue to develop all these projects and we are looking for new possibilities and technologies to reach Romanians and other communities in Balkans through the Word of God.

The vision of enlarging the media activity led to the beginning of the construction of the building for Alfa Omega media center. In 2010 we inaugurated the new TV studio and the ground floor, and work progressed gradually in the following years. The completion of the building is planned for 2015. From our new Alfa Omega Communications center, we constantly develop media projects, looking for new ways of reaching Romania and the Balkans with the Word of God.

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