Social housing for underprivileged families in Bistrita county in Romania

Fifteen years ago, in Bistrita, the groundwork was laid for a project dear to the heart of Jacob Murza, which resulted in the building of nearly 60 social residences in several localities in Bistrita-Nasaud County, for homeless people. Improper living conditions of the poor moved the heart of Mr. Murza who became involved in helping them.

"For the last 15 years I`ve had a passion for the homeless, because doing mission work I`ve encountered people who receive the Word, listen, but are living out in the open, or just under a plastic covering in very extreme conditions. So, I began to think that it would be good to do something for these people, and my vision and that of the church were aligned, so for 15 years the church has sponsored this project, and I do what I can," declared Jacob Murza, the project initiator.

This vision has been supported from the beginning by Holy Trinity Church in Bistrita. Besides funds collected, church members also respond by volunteering work, or by bringing food and materials for the workers.

"Our church members have a heart for the poor. Many of them were raised in large families, have gone through hard times and feel for those in need," explained Jacob Murza, the project initiator.

"When I speak of constructing houses, we generally do them for those who are not part of the Pentecostal faith. We do a lot for those who are of our same faith, but in an overwhelming proportion, we have built for others. We have nearly 60 houses constructed with God`s help. We are partnering with some brothers from England, with an organization there, but the members from our church have such a big heart for giving both money and labor, that in a week`s time a house is raised, mentioned Pastor Victor Campean of Holy Trinity Church.

The beneficiaries of the project are orphan children and people who have no roof over their heads.

Jacob Murza: We are in Viisoara, at the home of the Mihai Moldovan family. They are a family with 7 children.

The beneficiary: My name is Ancuta Sanda Moldovan, my husband is Dumitru Mihai Moldovan. We have 7 children by the grace and goodness of God. We lived in rentals for many years--4 years with my mother-in-law, 4 years with a lady who rented us a room, and 4 years with my parents. But God had mercy on us and we were given a house, a great blessing from the Lord through the help of some brethren with a big heart.

Jacob Murza: We are in Sieu Magherus. Here we have the Hangan family. How did you feel when you walked into your new home? I see that you`ve added on something. What animals do you have?

Beneficiary: We bought a horse...

Beneficiary (Ramona Ureche): It`s been 9 years since the work on this house began. Nine years have gone by! We can hardly believe it! Everyone involved are such a blessing to us: the sister who gave us the land, the brothers who helped us, the brothers from England...We enjoyed this blessing for 9 whole years.

The houses are modest, sufficient enough to save these people from the dangers of living out in the open. After the house is raised, it remains the property of each beneficiary. The aim of the project is to raise 100 residences for the needy.

"We have limited ourselves just to social housing with a minimum cost, between 20-40 square meters, according to the number of family members. When several put their hands together, it`s not so hard," mentioned Jacob Murza, the project initiator.

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