Praying for Israel while anticipating end-times

Signs of the Times was the 12th edition of a wonderful series of Prayer for Israel conferences held in Romania each year. It was organized by Alfa Omega TV in partnership with Christians for Israel international association and the Romanian Prayer Network, hosted by Maranatha Baptist Church in Timisoara.

The two-day event was structured in four sessions by Rev. Willem Glashouwer, president of Christians for Israel international organization. During the conference sessions, Willem Glashower explained Israels significance and Jerusalems importance in the end times. The reverend also spoke about Gods prophetic plans and Bible signs unveiling a positive future.

The Prayer for Israel conference is an amazing opportunity to hold an event motivating Christians in Romania and abroad to support the people of Israel. They are Gods chosen people. We, members of Maranatha Church, are waiting for Jesus to come again. Therefore we come to church and pray for Israel, for Gods people and for the peace of Jerusalem. Israels flag is displayed inside the church. We encourage all Romanian Christians to pray and I believe God will bring blessings upon all of our people if we humble ourselves, seek Gods face and bless the chosen people, Gods own people.

The speaker at the conference highlighted the fact that Israel is the last wake up call for Christs Church as the fulfillment of prophecies is apparent. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the prophetic significance of Israel and its relationships with the other nations.

Im interested in finding out what the Scripture says and what is happening in Israel right now. This conference brought me down to earth, helping me understand to what extent the prophecies related to Israel are already fulfilled. Supporting Israel is crucial as our Lord Jesus Christ is Jewish and as our salvation came from the Jewish people. I believe everything we heard today at the Signs of the Times conference is true. Some of the points made were completely new to me. I chose to come to this conference because its theme is related to Israel and I love Israel. I knew the people of Israel always indicates the time were living in and that God speaks to the whole world through Israel.

Every day of the conference also comprised prayer moments.

Lord, our God, we ask of You to bless Israel and Jerusalem. God, we thank You for sending our Lord Jesus Christ through this people. We lift up His name every time we open our mouths, from the rising to the setting of the sun. This is the reason why we ask You to bless Israel, the chosen people, and to pour Your peace over Jerusalem. Please, bless the Gentiles too. Thank you for the blessings weve received through Christs miraculous work.

Alfa Omega used the opportunity of the Prayer for Israel event to launch the book The Signs of the Times, Looking at the Future from a Biblical Perspective, written by Rev. Willem J. J. Glashouwer.

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