Brexit implications for UK-based foreigners

Brexit has revealed a series of existing problems within the EU. Over 30 million Brits voted in favor of exiting the European Union in the summer of 2016. But mass media was busy covering the subject of Brexit a few years prior, due to their misinterpretation of the migration phenomenon.

Brexit, from my point of view, and that of other colleagues, even British ones, didnt begin in 2013. Its a matter in which the British mass media has had a great input over a long period of time. It all started in 2005. It was a misinterpretation of the migration phenomenon.

Officially, Great Britain is open towards the European community, regardless of ones country of origin, says the Romanian consul. After Brexit, there will be a period in which European citizens will register online on the basis of certain documents. Previously, for obtaining resident status in Great Britain, one had to offer many proofs. What theyre proposing for the future will be something much more simplified. In a period which they will indicate, you will have to demonstrate, through various documents, that you have been living there. Its a long list: youve had visits to a family doctor, you have children in school...

I believe many Romanians will have the possibility to register. Theyre offering two options. If youve been living there for a time under 5 years, it will be possible to obtain a sort of temporary resident status, and if you prove youve been living there for 5 years or more, permanent resident status may be obtained.

What will happen after this registration period? A line will be drawn and you may still come without a visa, but you may only stay for 3 months, after which time you must register yourself. That is, you must give proof that you have sufficient personal resources to stay, or give proof that you are employed. But travel will be permitted without a visa. You can travel, but you can only stay for 3 months.

As believers, we trust that God is in control of things and we need not fear these changes when they appear.

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