God-Honoring Businesses

In addition to love, grace, forgiveness and repentance, the Scripture speaks about managing possessions, about the financial aspects of our lives. Big-Impact and Elim Timisoara foundations organized a seminary on this topic in order to help businessmen.

The God-honoring businesses seminary pursued to introduce a biblical understanding of the decisions that must be made in the financial department. If we pay attention to how people are making financial decisions, well see that they are mostly based on a secular worldview, including decisions in the financial department. Thats why we need to go back to Scripture, because it speaks extensively about finances and managing possessions. We need to get acquainted with Gods Word, to learn the business alphabet because, otherwise, while we might consider ourselves spiritual and Christ followers, our decisions can prove we follow another culture, a worldly one, and not the culture of the Kingdom of God.

I think we need to raise our biblical culture level, firstly for us, the believers, and afterward, we can heal this country where peoples ideas about material possessions are very different from Gods perspective. This is the reason why things here are the way they are.

The idea of organizing the seminar stemmed from a book written by dr. Andrés Panasiuk, in which he tried to find the connection between financial decisions and what Gos says in His Word. The Latin American author was invited to the event in Timisoara.

The reason why this ministry is so important is because Mammon, the god of money, whom I think is the god of this age, is creating all the problems in our lives and in our families. In the United States, there are four foundations saying that 47% of all married couples that are ending in divorce right know say that money is the main reason. Families are suffering, pastors are suffering, churches are in need of resources... So God called us to make the Body of Christ stronger across the globe, teaching people how God wants us to manage the resources He places in our hands month after month. If our thinking is inspired by Gods Word, the decisions we make lead us to progress, not to capital loss.

For example, one of the things highlighted by Andrés was how did Rehoboam take his financial decisions, unlike Solomon, his father. The moment he started reigning, his subjects approached him, asking to change something in the financial area: they begged him to reduce taxes because they were having a hard time paying them. He thought of immediate interest and took a bad decision: in 72 hours, he brought down an empire that took two generations to build: Solomon, his father, and his grandfather, David.

The participants enjoyed the event and realized education in financial management plays an important role in our lives.

Im puzzled! The first part made me question things I always thought Ive figured out, but Im happy the next part was processing wounds, things I wasnt aware of, but which Ive applied in my business life without bringing God into the equation.

This was an excellent, matter-of-act, mind-blowing seminary! The extraordinary ideas propagated today totally surprised me ! Let me give you an example: the business youre running will never outrun its leaders standards. I found this idea extraordinary and I think we should take care what standard we have so that we could take our businesses to the next level.

How can I make ends meet? I think this question can be red and heard coming out of many Romanian peoples mouths. There are a few books that changed me and changed my lifes trajectory as a Christian over the years.

I remember when I was young and read Marriage Takes More than Love. Then I read The Effective Father. And about 10 years ago, I got my hands on this book. I also had the great joy and privilege of translating and publishing it.

During the conference, I kept wondering what do this three books have in common. What conclusion did I draw ? Most of the people who read these books or whom Ive given these books to said the same thing: why didnt I have this book earlier ? I found it interesting that he said we should first focus on being before doing anything, that we should shape our character and only after that, act in what we really are.

Christian businessmen need to realize Bible will always give us fair solutions to our problems. Were focusing on businessmen that find themselves in need of assistance, so we help them face the challenging Romanian business environment. A child of God must live by Gods principles even in the business environment.

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