40 Days for Life Campaign - march-april 2019

Today, Romania has one of the highest abortion and maternal mortality rates in the EU: 480 abortions to 1,000 deliveries, being one of the countries with the highest teen pregnancy percentage.

By virtue of every humans right to existence, the 40 Days for Life campaign plans on involving the community in an active and peaceful way, aiming to change the erroneous mentality with regards to intrauterine life and to an unborn babys life worth. This is a value-centered campaign. It addresses the public opinion and human conscience, trying to cause people to think about the fact that God considers a human being as a being from the moment of conception, not from that of birth.

This specific campaign was organized at the 40 Days for Life international campaigns instigation, having the support of Christians around the world, regardless of their denomination. This campaign originally started in the USA and afterward it spread to Europe.

There are 27 countries and 559 cities involved. It is the first year it is organized here, in Timisoara. In Romania, it started four years ago in Cluj.

What aroused my interest is its peaceful and positive feature. It doesnt act against anyone and nobody is incriminated. People dont participate with the intention of being critical of the ones positioned on the other side of the argument. On the contrary, it is a positive campaign. People are for, not against something. They are standing here for the life of the unborn, considering they have the right do dignity, being just like any of us.

The manifestation in Timisoara is a civic campaign initiated by natural persons, Christians of different denominations living in Timisoara and it is going on daily in front of Odobescu Maternity Hospital.

My exceeding joy is that, at the beginning of this campaign, when we started to promote it, we were received with good will and receptiveness by absolutely all denominations. It started with his Emminence, Metropolitan of Banat, and the Archbishop of Timisoara, Ion Salajanu, who gave us his blessing. In the street with us were a few representatives of the Orthodox Church. Alongside were Greek-Catholics and Roman Catholics together with all the Evangelical spectrum, members of the Evangelical Alliance as well as of independent churches. All agreed upon this event and have people participating.

We came together not with the purpose of ecumenism, but to promote the same idea. We side with all Christians, that is to say, we all acknowledge lifes value from the moment of conception. I am here together with youths from “Maranata” church declaring lifes importance in Gods eyes and reminding people that the ones who always sacrificed themselves for our sake were our parents. I respect life and I am pro-life.

From my standpoint, a human is a human from the moment of conception, one does not become human along the way. God values human life a great deal, giving it a major significance. Furthermore, Jesus Christ gave His own life so that we can have life.

This campaign promotes the culture of life and it occurs simultaneously from March 1st to April 9th 2017 in Timisoara, as well as in other 559 cities from 27 countries. In our country, the campaign also takes place in the following cities: Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Baia Mare and Iasi.

This is the first time we host this event in our city, Baia Mare. The 40 Days for Life campaign promotes the culture of life. As Romanians, our education system is lacking in many aspects. This is the reason why promoting the value of life is so crucial. Were glad to see how people passing by are interested because they stop to ask all kind of questions. We believe people leave this place enlightened. The placards were holding may be able to explain better what we want to promote here.

These messages advocate for life and represent a means of addressing the needs of and trying to assist women and teenage girls. We are very happy to have this wonderful day to be together with people from various denominations, having the same objective, vision and hopes. We want to fight for life, for the children that arent born yet. We see this as being a very important action since it is designated to assist women or teens with pregnancy-related issues.

We care about this countrys future. We know there are couples who would like to have a child, but arent able to and their last chance is adoption, whilst other families received this gift from God but they disregard its value. We want to believe both categories can be helped in one way or another.

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