2018 National Prayer Breakfast

The Romanian Parliament hosted the 13th edition of the National Prayer Breakfast. The organizers, the Ecumenical Prayer Group, chose National Unity in Christian Identity as their theme.

Now, more than ever, we see the need of being united in what brings us together and that is faith in God, in Jesus Christ. It is very important to be active citizens. Its natural to be united, in one spirit, as we celebrate Romanias Centenary.

Our joy lies in His presence being where two or three gather in the Name of the Lord. I have to say I felt the Lords presence.

This moment following the Referendum is as important as it is difficult. Its the time for Christians in Romania to come together. Great is the power of prayer ! Despite our differences, we’re able to reflect the unity all of us want, especially in the year of the Centenary.

According to organizers, the Palace of Parliament meeting united almost 500 guests, a record number for this event. Bearing in mind were celebrating the Centenary, the speakers observed that realizing the unity of a nation is not the result of political actions. Moreover, speakers noted that faith, family and motherland are non-negotiable values.

Attaining the unity of a people is not only the result of political, military and diplomatic actions, but its also the result of Christ and that nation sons prayers. Heres my message: may we live in unity in what is necessary, in the non-negotiable values of faith, family, motherland and peace, free in our religious manifestations, but may we also meet God. And may love rule over all !

At its core, our people is eminently Christian, and a Christian does not just stay inert in history. He makes his voice heard not so as to make history, but to remind people of God’s face.

All participants at the prayer breakfast noted that Christians should pray for one another and for Romania’s unity no matter their denomination.

We pray to God for our country, but we don’t stop here. We’re influencing those who decide on our behalf through our lifestyle and through our Bible-based worldview. I think this is an important event, growing bigger every year. Its relevance will be obvious maybe over 10 years.

We needed rejuvenation after the Referendum defeat we suffered. We’re happy to be together, to have a fresh start and to be able to keep our values and our people’s unity through faith in God.

I’m very happy to be here, to be taken to this event, seeing so many pastors and MPs saying we must pray for Romania in unity. I think it’s a very impressive sign for the world that we are one. Were at the Parliament, where people talk about Lord Jesus Christ, faith, Christian values, including about the Romanian political life. I believe this is one of the best victories in this area.

Although faith became a subject of debate, true Christians have the example of Christ, Who prayed for unity and worked in unity with God the Father and with the Holy Ghost.

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