A Romanian Pastor's Supranatural Experience Following a Car Accident

A few years ago, Ghita Dicoi, a Romanian pastor, was involved in a traffic accident, in the county of Sibiu and he was in a coma for almost a week. During this period, he had a life-changing meeting with God.

A man fell asleep while driving in broad daylight and ram into us. We were almost blown to bits, as people say. He sent me straight to heaven because I died in the accident; I had no vital sign, I was totally incapacitated.

Doctors called at the scene of the accident managed to resuscitate him and restore his bodily functions. Afterward, he was taken to the hospital in Sibiu. In traumatic and hemorrhagic shock, Ghita Dicoi immediately underwent emergency operation.

My pelvis had been detached from the spine and broke in half. My right leg went into the pelvis. It was a terrible accident ! Sure, after being in a deep coma for 5 days, doctors didnt give me any chance.

The church joined together in prayer and his wife was encouraged by a prophetic word.

God said: Hes not dead and he wont die. On the contrary, hes talking to Jesus right now. Hes talking to Jesus! Phones started ringing on our way to the hospital in Sibiu. Ive been told to rest assured because the church joined together in prayer. It was so important for me to know Im not alone and that the church, our brothers and sisters, our friends are by our side and support us.

Pastor Ghita Dicoi describes his experience of being in heaven as very interesting. He felt at home.

I was home! Typically, when you meet someone new, you get acquainted. I was there with the angel who welcomed me. I didnt feel he was a stranger. It was as if we had known each other for a long time, so I didnt have to introduce myself.

The pastor perceived heaven as another dimension and arrived in a room called Relationship room, where he heard the voice of God.

Relationships are good! Then I heard God speaking again: If theyre good, let him go back. This is exactly what He said. All of a sudden, I found myself going down a hallway.

He confessed that, upon his return to the physical world, he received a message from God.

I said: Lord, if You found me worthy, why didnt you allow me to stay ? I knew I had no sin. He gave me a one-way ticket, but I didnt know He also gave me a return ticket. Now Im glad God doesnt always answer our questions, which are often crazy. The Lord didnt answer my question, but told me: Go back and tell people how important relationships are for Me ! I asked: What if they dont want to have any relationship with me ? The answer was very clear: Them wanting to have a relationship with you is not the point. All that matters is you wanting to have relationships with them.

When he was in a coma, brothers and sisters from different churches prayed for us. Someone told us that, as they were praying for Ghita, God told them to rest assured because he wont die, and he was talking to Jesus right in that moment.

Pastor Ghita Dicoi leads Flacara Inchinarii church in Alba Iulia and he is also the person who initiated the conference going under the same name, which takes place annually, in early December. Thats when Romanians celebrate the Great Union in Alba Iulia, and the pastor wanted to offer a spiritual perspective to those participating at the celebrations.

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