Abortion, the Leading Cause of Death in Romania

In our world, 100.000 abortions are performed every day, meaning that these children are not given any right to life. According to a website offering real-time measurements of the worlds population, in 2018, 23 % of all pregnancies ended in abortion. Many organizations are involved in defending the rights of the unborn children, given the gravity of the situation.

Were all human beings, regardless of the stage of development we are in. From the beginning of the conception, there is a new genetic code, different from that of the mother and of the father.

Counseling women in pregnancy crisis is a way of supporting and protecting expectant mothers.

Women going through this crisis are emotionally and physically affected. We want to offer them a helping hand. Reducing their anxiety, connecting with them and helping women find solutions are crucial steps.

Statistics show that in 2018, for every 33 children born, there were 10 aborted.

According to researchers, the fetus senses the approaching danger of abortion. Researchers proved the fetus opens wide his little mouth, like a silent cry. He screams, but no one hears him. I dont know if youve ever dreamed this: you are in a great danger, you try to scream, but youre unable to make a sound. This is whats happening to them, but do you know the difference ? We wake up after having that dream, but, for them, its the reality.

Women with post-abortion trauma feel guilty, are more likely to get into depression, drink alcohol and take drugs. They need help. We tell them Jesus can forgive any sin, even the sin of abortion. Then, these women need to forgive the people around them that were part of the action they took and the choice they made. They need to ask for forgiveness and receive freedom from God.

There is freedom and restoration after post-abortion trauma. In counseling centers, women find support and learn God is the One giving a helping hand and that they can be healed and freed from guilt.

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