Amir Tsarfati - The Church During the End Times

To Romanian Christians, a subject of deep concern is regarding the end times. There are many Christian leaders focused on defining Jesus Christs second coming and everything this moment involves. Amir Tsarfati is a messianic Jew and a Bible teacher who studied Biblical prophecies in order to understand Gods plan.

He went on a tour in many Romanian cities, including Bistrita and Timisoara, delivering a message to Gods Church concerning prioritization in this time. Moreover, Tsarfati explained current political events through the lens of the Bible. He highlighted Israels rebirth as a reference point Christians should pay attention to these days.

Participants appreciated the fact that, nowadays, God is using people to share His message around the world.

This was a blessed evening, when Israel met the Church. We also had the chance to understand history, to learn about what the future holds and especially when the Lord Jesus Christ is to return. Its a great joy for the Church !

I participated at the service this evening. The message our brother delivered encouraged me a lot. He talked about Israel in the end times as the sign of Jesus Christs imminent return, because He is right at the door. At the end of this meeting, Im more motivated to prepare to meet Jesus and to repent even more.

On the occasion of Amir Tsarfatis Romanian tour, Alfa Omega published one of his books, entitled The Last Hour.

The author presents real scenarios grounded in the Biblical truth about the Rapture, Antichrist and the Great Tribulation.

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