Bible Museum Opens in Timisoara, Romania

The opening of the Bible Museum in Timisoara is an unprecedented event in Romania. Over 500 copies of the Holy Book, part of pastor Ionel Tutacs personal collection, are on public display in an art gallery inside the Theresia bastion.

The Bible Museum is a project realized by Family Revival Association in Lugoj city, in partnership with the Timis County Council and with the support of the Metropolis of Banat.

My personal collection comprises over 800 copies. I couldnt bring all of them. I had to leave home a few remarkable copies. One of them is a New Testament written in Greek, in 1592, thats not in good condition. Thats all I could bring. My plan is to keep enlarging my collection, until Ill have 1,000 copies, which is not impossible nowadays. Then I wish to take a step further and open a permanent museum in Timisoara.

At the opening, pastor Ionel Tutac said the initiative of organizing the Museum stemmed from his wish of promoting the Scripture and encouraging people to read and learn about the influence of the Bible.

This book became extraordinarily precious for me in my childhood. My parents, both believers, encouraged and advised me to read Gods Word, telling me thats to my advantage.

Attending the event, His Eminence Ioan, Metropolitan of Banat, appreciated the initiative and highlighted the importance of the Bible in our lives.

The Bible reactivates a nations moral values. It teaches you to respect your mother, to wish a good day to the elderly and to honor them, to honor your parents. We learn that through the Ten Commandments given by God to Moses, and through the words of love spoken by our Savior, Jesus Christ.

For its part, His Excellency Alexandru Mesian, Greek-Catholic bishop of Lugoj, gifted the museum an updated edition of the Blaj Bible.

One of these many Bibles was launched at the Jubilee 2000. Its the Bible called the Blaj Bible, written in 1795, in Cyrillic script. The present edition uses both Cyrillic and Latin scripts on facing pages.

People visiting the Bible Museum in Timisoara can take a look at manuscripts and old editions of the Holy Book, written in different languages. One of the smallest Bibles is also on display.

Its a microfilm of 1 by 1 inch, containing the entire Bible. Every dot corresponds to a page and can only be read using a microscope. Its more of a technical curiosity, but I want to tell you something important. A twin sister of this Bible was taken to the Moon in 1971, during Apollo 14 mission, by astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

The Bible Museum set up at the Theresia bastion remains open until April 25 and will host various events: interviews with celebrities, meetings with guests from Romania and abroad, documentary movie screenings, debates on the role and influence of the Bible, Bible-themed caricatures exposition, concerts and Bible contests.

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