Christian Entrepreneurs Meeting in Romania - Business as Mission

A Christian Entrepreneurs meeting was organized recently in Romania with the aim of building a community that would promote Christian values in this area of the society. The guests said that obtaining resources by developing businesses is part of Gods plan for supporting those in need.

This event motivated me when I saw Gods amazing power unfolding as we got together and shared our common visions. The end goal is investing in people and transforming their lives through God, answering His calling so that the lives of those around us would be completely changed.

Participants had the chance to meet entrepreneurs who have built healthy businesses, and also to understand there are people who had a strong impact on those around.

I was impressed seeing wonderful Romanians doing something different, investing their time and money in various projects in order to help people, integrating former inmates and who conduct projects with the goal of having a good impact on their employees.

Through the businesses Ive received from God, I understood the need of doing something for the community, especially in bringing people the good news of a life changed by the Lord Jesus Christ. Together with my partner Puiu, who is also present here, we are trying to influence others through what did in our lives.

What we do is hire formerly incarcerated people. Me and my family think people nowadays need a Gospel presented differently. I believe you cant organize evangelistic events and invite a church star to speak, give an altar call, and expect people to cry and be baptized quickly, if we talk about the business area.

I believe people first need to know you and your heart, to see how you treat your wife, your children and your business partners.

I grew up in the US and, 14 years ago, I came back to Romania to work with a bible school in Cluj. I remained here with my wife, and weve been married for 15 years. We decided to stay and make a business here.

Social entrepreneurship is another business segment that can be developed. We realized that the core of an organization must move towards social entrepreneurship and this is what Lee brought to our attention. He presented a practical model that should be followed and were thinking now of how to implement this strategy into our projects. Its also a personal challenge. We must think of a way to offer jobs because ones self-perception, and possibilities of growth and development change once they have a job.

Participants admitted similar events are important both on an individual and on a national level.

The exceptional speakers today demonstrated the importance of maintaining Christian unity in business relationships. We also understood God sees and blesses us when were honest and fair to everyone, putting them above ourselves. God blesses people around us and even the society we live in. Seek first the kingdom of God and the other things will be given to you as well.

For businesspersons, the message is this: what do you benefit if you gain the whole world, but lose your soul? I advise everyone to listen to experienced and upstanding people. One simple thing: get involved where you are !

The Christian Entrepreneurs Meeting in Romania ended on an encouraging note.

The message helped everyone understand their place in Gods plan. We tend to cast aside what we dont understand. When we dont understand someones role, we disapprove of them, but it shouldnt be so. God prepared an important role for every one of us.

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