Celebration at Alba Iulia on Romanias National Day

The 1918 Great Union City rapidly proved too small for those who came in to celebrate the Centenary. It is estimated that in Alba Iulia were over 150,000 people from various parts of the country, as well as from the diaspora. Many people came dressed in folk costumes and all were glad to be together with their fellow Romanians. Some of them said they have been preparing for this event since 2015.

Today, when we celebrate Romania’s National Day, I came together with my wife and all the other villagers. We have been preparing for this celebration for 4 years. Our folk costume is over 100 years old and it represents the commoner, the peasant who goes to the church immediately after plowing the field.

I came here to see all these beautiful things and what our forefathers have done for us.

How do you know about what happened ?

My grandparents told me and Ive heard others talk, too.

During the celebration days, dozens of flags were seen flapping, especially at the Alba Carolina Fortress, where the manifestations were held. People came from hundreds and even thousands of miles away with the sole reason of being present at the Great Union’s Centenary.

I came from Madrid, I consider myself a little patriot. A friend of mine who couldn’t come asked me to send a message from him. I used one of my vacation days to come here. Im sorry Ive been living in foreign countries for so many years.

I think I’m about to cry, but bear with me ! Thats where my children were born. ... Id come home tomorrow. Every day I feel Romanian, all my clothes have the word Romania imprinted on them. I taught my children to wear Romanian flag’s colors. They were not even at school when they already knew how to look at the map of Romania.

Im not ashamed to be Romanian. I am of Hungarian ethnicity, but I have Romanian citizenship, therefore I’m Romanian.

On December 1st, the organizers reenacted the most important moments that took place a century ago in Alba Iulia. One of them was welcoming in the Union Hall the Citadel of Throne’s messengers.

I’m playing the messenger sent by Suceava’s Citadel of the Throne. It’s been 28 years since I’m coming here, at Alba Iulia, on December 1st, and 8 years since I’m leading the messengers.

After the play, followed the reading of the National Assembly Resolution. This moment occurred in the Tricolor Square, on the esplanade of the Orthodox Cathedral of Coronation. The participants expressed the joy of being together at this special event, as well as the desire to unite with the Romanians living in the territories that were once part of Romania.

What do you want to say to the Romanian people ?

I want them to be kind, united and to fight for the union with Bessarabia. I am from the region of Oltenia, but I desire the union with Bessarabia. I don’t want to die until... I wish them good health, to fight for their country and to unite Bessarabia with Romania.

People came here from the Republic of Moldova. They came here by bus, there were 20 buses. Other participants came from Transnistria. All these people are all aware of the Great Union’s significance.

During the day I talked to people from Bessarabia, Bucovina and Ardeal regions. It’s indeed a celebration that deeply touched our souls and minds, making us prouder of our national identity.

Alba Iulia offered the picturesque apparition of an older man dressed in folk costume and accompanied by a little donkey. The man declared for Alfa Omega TV that Romania has great potential to flourish.

I came here together with my little donkey named Snowdrop.

How old are you ?

I am 69 years old.

What is the reason behind your coming here?

I came here to celebrate the Centenary, the Great Union that took place on this very land. This event gives us hope for the future.

The long-awaited moment in the midst of all events organized in the Great Union City was the military parade. It was carried out on the 1st December Boulevard. President Klaus Iohannis and other officials were seen amongst the military. In the beginning of the ceremony, a 21-gun salute was fired while the National Hymn was being sung.

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