Romanian Christian Artist Missioning the Showbiz World

Eight years ago, Marin Bogdan Mihai, known as Bodo, a Romanian artist, the lead singer of Proconsul band, gave his life and soul to Jesus. At that time, Romanian sensationalist media portrayed this information as something rather conspicuous. He took this decision together with his wife, Loredana Marin.

We chose to be proud of Christ, to be happy and show the whole world He is our Lord. Even now, if someone searches Bodo on Youtube, one of the first results they see is a video from Antena1 TV, filmed at that time, with the title Bodo from Proconsul Turned to God. All print and broadcast sensationalist outlets depicted this piece of news as extraordinary and unprecedented. It really is extraordinary ! I was very glad I could say I had changed my master.

Bodo, as well as the other members of Proconsul band, decided not to leave the showbiz world, driven by the idea of spreading the message of the Gospel with other Romanian artists.

We were led to sing outside the vineyard because we can take the Gospel where others cant. Thats what God wanted for us. We dont shy away from bringing Gods Word into discussions everywhere were going. We speak unaffected and with love, as were led by the Spirit. I can sit at a table even though across the table sits a young man rolling a joint and smocking marijuana. I can talk to him and explain to him why its not OK to do that. Others cant do that because they cant be there. Maybe that young buck respects my music and then he can listen to me. Im happy for every occasion Im given. God is opening for me doors to young people and artists.

This type of evangelism can seem atypical, but Bodos testimony on and off the stage is that of an authentic Christian, according to his wife. Even if he stayed to sing in the world, Bodos songs are all about love, calling people to love one another. But its more than that.

Maybe youre not paying attention to the lyrics when youre going to a concert. For example, when I go to other artists concerts, Im interested in how they live after they leave the stage. In this respect, Bodo has a good reputation: hes been married to me for 10 years, we have two kids together, hes a family man, people dont bad-mouth him because he has good fruit in his private life.

Proconsuls lead singer motivates people who say they love God to go and talk about Him, taking advantage of every opportunity.

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