Christians concerned about how to change the Romanian society for the better

Christians concern toward community and country materialized in a discussion platform called Kingdom Leadership Forum, which reached its fourth edition. The organizers of the annual meeting in Romania, in the town of Vlahita, observed that God is raising people in various social spheres to spread the Kingdom values.

Our participants came from cities such as Baia Mare, Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara, people of various social backgrounds: religious, public administration, business, economy, medicine. The beauty is that all put Gods Kingdom above their local church or their own interests. I came here pretty burdened, and I wasnt the only one with that feeling.

Im burdened by the sociopolitical issues in Romania, in Europe, and in the whole world. However, I knew in my spirit we must go on. Its my third year coming to KLF.

This forum kept its basic component and that’s encouragement and experience sharing between people activating in diverse areas. If there were such a thing as a key ingredient, this would have to be it.

During the forum, topics such as economy and business, involvement in civic and political spheres, educating and forming the new generation were discussed. Participants shared their experience, told their stories, asked questions and prayed together.

I was extremely excited about this forum, about the topics addressed, but especially about the quality of the people who came.

I was truly delighted to listen to their testimonies and to discover there still are people in Romania who really wish to make a change, to pay the price of doing something good in our country. All of us received hope by listening to the message transmitted at Vlahita town meeting.

Ive seen people excelling in the areas God called them to work. I guess what impressed me the most was the talk on excellence.

Mr. Marius Ungureanu spoke in a beautiful manner on this topic, about the fact that many Christians run to seed in their activity after a while. When we think about people who excel in various areas of activity, most of the examples we find are of secular people.

One of the issues highlighted during the KLF meeting was about Christians reflecting the values of the Scripture in society.

One thing is clear: every morning I wake up satisfied because I’m doing what I like and what God wants me to do. At night, I try to make sure I did everything I had to do and I left undone the things one should never do. These values and principles are not to be applied today just so you can look good or sign a contract. They can be seen in the behavior and attitude you display in every situation youre going through in your life.

We came in Romania exactly a year ago to participate to the Vlahita town event. It was so wonderful to see Romanians are willing to share the values of the Kingdom of God, not only in Church, but also outside of it.

Everywhere, in their communities, at their job, training leaders are raising up and starting to vision a Romania rising up to a completely new level.

At the end of the Kingdom Leadership Forum, pastor Nicu Gramesc, one of this platform’s initiators, expressed his wish that Jesus Christ would reign in the lives of Christians so that they would be part in the work of extending the Kingdom of God.

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