Christmas - Tradition or Cristian Celebration?

Celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th has its roots in antiquity. Todays Christmas traditions are borrowed from pre-Christian winter pagan parties when various deities were celebrated in northern Scandinavia, Rome, or Persia. Nowadays, most people are unaware of their origin, but they do enjoy the holiday.

What do we celebrate at Christmas time?

The Birth of Jesus Christ !

What should children be taught about this holiday?

Children should learn to respect winter holidays, traditions and customs.

Would you say Christmas traditions are good or bad?

Yes, they’re very good because they’re part of our national identity. Going caroling is a good example.

What do we celebrate at Christmas time? Who are we celebrating?

We’re celebrating God and the magic of Christmas.

What do you think about Christmas traditions? Are they good or not?

They’re good because they help us understand every country’s history, as well as the particularities of a certain country’s regions.

What or who are we celebrating on Christmas day?

I don’t know.

On Christmas day we celebrate Jesus Christ’s Birth and we go to church.

Traders see it as a profitable season, some reflect on the Birth of Jesus Christ, while for others, Christmas only means a time when the whole family gathers together.

What do you do on Christmas day? Do you go to church?

I usually spend Christmas with my family and friends, therefore I don’t go to church. Since it’s a Christian holiday, it’s nice to spend it with your family.

I usually go out with my friends on Christmas Eve, and on the 25th, I stay home with my family.

Do you go to church?

I have to admit I don’t.

One of the pagan elements of Christmas nowadays is Santa Claus. Its a concept with a long and controversial history. Now, people, particularly children, have a distorted view on the winter holidays. In their hearts, Jesus got replaced by Santa Claus who brings them gifts if they’re nice.

What should children be taught about Christmas?

Firstly, to enjoy the religious holiday... I don’t teach my boy anything. He’s in his 50s, therefore he doesn’t care about Christmas. Besides, he’s American...

What do you think? Should parents tell their children about Santa Claus rather than telling them about Jesus Birth?

I think parents should teach them about religion but, on the other hand, they’re glad about Santa Claus coming.

I believe kids are happier about Santa Claus than about the fact that Jesus was born. On one side, it’s good because kids get to enjoy the presents. On the other side, people forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Santa Claus is part of the Christmas spirit. To some extent, he’s part of tradition.

Christianity has been invaded by pagan influences accepted in time by the Church out of the desire to Christianize those worshiping all sorts of gods. Unfortunately, many elements we borrowed have nothing to do with Bible teachings. I think it’s crucial to remember Lord Jesus Christ should be at the centre of every holiday. We celebrate Him and holidays help us know Him more, understand more of His heart and follow Him with more attention.

Christians should dedicate their lives to Jesus Chirst every morning. They should also remove pagan elements and influence society through their lifestyle.

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