Hungry for God Conference in Romania - John Lisa Bevere

The 2018 edition of the annual National Peniel Conference in Romania was highlighted by John and Lisa Beveres presence. They are familiar to the Romanian people for the successful books they wrote.

Ive wanted to come to Romania for many years, but somehow it just didnt work out. When this door opened up, we felt this was the time. Were honored and thrilled to see the Spirit of God working here.

The people that found themselves Hungry for God, for this was the events title, had two days to attend the conference organized by Peniel Foundation in partnership with Messenger International, Succeed Publishing House and Alfa Omega TV.

This conference wasnt planned to take place in Romania. According to their agenda, it should have occurred in another country, but God changed their plans and they cancelled the meeting in that country, understanding Gods will is for them to come in Romania.

Were familiar with John and Lisa Beveres books and teachings. The first book we translated in Romanian appeared 10 or 12 years ago. They wrote books that were a blessing for us and we thank God they finally came to Romania after circa 6 years of us trying to get them here. We believe God did a phenomenal work ! Not just here, but for all the people who watched it live, online and on Alfa Omega TV.

Its been such an incredible honor to be here in Romania. Ive seen such a hunger and passion in the people ! We are so thrilled of what God is getting ready to do here !

John and Lisa Bevere are writers and speakers known throughout the world. One of the sessions was dedicated to Romanian church leaders and had a radical and challenging message.

My goal is to please unbelievers with my methods. Not to please the old saints that want to go back to the 60s. But, in my message, I am going to please God. Im not going to seek to please man with my message.

He delivered a straightforward, unpopular message even for some churches in Romania. It was extremely beneficial ! He was clear: one cannot inherit the Kingdom of God without repentance and faith. He told the unvarnished truth, he spoke about sexual sins, about everyday sins we found excuses for saying God looks at the heart. He didnt let anything slide. His message was frank, powerful and very good. Hes a preacher making calls for a radical living.

I know he emphasizes holiness, the relationship with God, Holy Spirits guidance and leading a life relevant for our society. I believe Johns message was most welcomed. But given that our cultures are different, we need to know how to distill what was said and to keep the kernel of the message.

John Bevere shared with the Romanian Christians a message on countrys revival, repentance, prayer life, knowing Gods heart and having a perspective on the eternal things.

The writer of Hebrews says this: the decisions or the judgments that Jesus makes at the judgment seat will stand forever. They are eternal judgments, eternal decisions. There will never be changes, alterations or amendments.

We see Hungry for God conference as truly pursuing Gods Word. We were so blessed to be able to be here both as ministers and as people who need spiritual food. I deeply believe God is pouring spiritual food abundantly over our country. It may be that John and Lisas presence here and now is part of the revival God wants and will do in Romania. I believe this is a decisive moment for Romania and that many barriers will be removed.

As for the leaders...

He tried to push us out of our comfort zone and that might be a difficult thing to do on a Sunday service. That had a powerful impact and was truly remarkable.

Reevaluating your doctrine, asking yourself why do you believe what you believe brings with it a useful shock. I believe that comes from heaven. Its reviving. I deeply believe revivals start with a shock. I encourage all people that were unable to attend John and Lisas conference to watch the sessions and to benefit from their messages because they are useful, especially for the period Romania finds itself going through.

Attendees at the conference were encouraged by John and Lisa`s personal life testimonies.

We have a very good marriage, but, if we decided to, next week we could have a bad marriage. No, I wouldn`t let that happen. Marriage is work... We let our hearts be filled with the Holy Spirit  and, while being submitted to our husbands,  we dare to proclaim life, freedom and the peace of God, which surpasses all measures...

They hit the nail on the head saying we have to ensure God`s promises are being projected upon our children and not our fears.  I appreciate their sincerity, their open hearts when they`re relating their personal stories, how they experienced the Holy Spirit and how they listen to what the Holy Spirit tells them. They give personal examples and that`s an upside because personal touch is always welcome. We can see they live what they say. 

I liked it when John Bevere said that Almighty God is interested in every aspect of our lives and cares about the things we care. I read almost all that is published in Romania by John Bevere.  I also watch ``The Messenger``, a Monday evening TV program on Alfa Omega TV, although I`m very busy taking care of my sick husband.

The Messenger International project was initiated by John and Lisa Bevere and includes The Messenger, a TV show broadcast worldwide. Romanians can watch it weekly on Alfa Omega TV.

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