Jesus Rulz Association Promotes Christian Moral Values

A young Romanian family promotes Gods Word in a unique way: they use handmade bracelets and clothing items. One message can be found on all of their articles: Jesus Rulz, meaning Jesus Governs.

Where did they get their inspiration from?

One night, I was checking a clothing page on Facebook and I saw some young people dressed very nice, but the clothes had messages that disturbed me. The models were around 17 years old and wore baseball caps with the inscription Sin. Because of that, I wanted to have a response to their message, but I didnt know exactly what to do. The next day, as I was walking to get an ultrasound because I was pregnant, God prompted me to do the same thing, to buy some baseball caps and write a Christian message on them. The inscription I chose for those caps was Jesus Rulz, meaning Jesus is cool. He is better and cooler than any superhero. At the same time, I liked that rulz also means to govern, to lead, meaning Jesus is Lord, He is the Master and King of Kings.

In 2013, the two spouses, Catalin and Alexandra Dume, founded the Jesus Rulz Association.

Jesus Rulz is a registered trademark. We wish to make under this brand clothes with Christian messages, so that young Romanians could carry their faith beyond the Church walls. Moreover, we want to address people, especially the young, who dont know God, because we want them to have an alternative to clothes with what I consider to be bad messages.

Apart from this creative activity, the association also promoted the initiative to organize the referendum on family redefinition in the Romanian Constitution.

One day I painted a rainbow with my little daughter, and I added some letters that make up the word marriage which, of course, is between a man and a woman. Then I took a picture of the painting and I made this T-shirt. We think it is no coincidence that we made these T-shirts four years ago, because now its time to wear them so that people would remember what they signed then, namely the petition for the referendum for family. This referendum will only be validated by the help of God, and in the Romanian Constitution, marriage will be described exactly how God intended it to be, between a man and a woman.

Alexandra Dume and her husband wish that every Romanian would come to know Jesus personally, transcending religious barriers.

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