Joy FM Radio Station in Romania Celebrates 5 years

Joy FM radio is broadcasting in Arad city area since 2014 and exists to share an inspiring and encouraging message, as those provoking listeners to enjoy life put it. Full of joy, the people sitting behind the microphones try to deliver a positive message.

We guide our entire activity on the power of joy, a joy we want to share with all of our listeners. At the Joy FM radio youre welcomed by a team thats small, but passionate about discovering the best in people.

Joy FM producers aim to stand alongside their listeners, to cheer them up, encourage and help them see the good things in life.

A day at the Arad city-based radio begins with Joy Start program. Its a dynamic and interactive show, sprinkled with useful information people need first thing in the morning. We try to begin the day by offering essential information people need in the morning. We try to add anecdotes from our personal lives, we share about what happens until we get here, who we bump into, what we stumble across on the way here and at the studio.

One of the main ingredients is music, carefully chosen by show hosts, so that it wouldnt convey any harmful message.

There are many criteria. Firstly, the message has to be positive, calling for a fulfilled life. We have songs about community and love. Theyre positive songs and we try to draw our listeners towards family, good mood, and music, inspiring people to live a fulfilled life, full of joy.

News is a key element in Joy FMs programs, keeping the listeners informed.

We dont discuss sensational news by any means. Theres no tabloid journalism here, only things influencing our daily lives, whether theyre good or bad, about internal and external politics. Theyre interesting news, or what I consider to be interesting because, being an editor, its my job to sift out information. I rely a lot on the feedback of the listeners. We do sometimes receive messages telling us: this is good, thats not so good, this could be improved...

Team members speak passionately about the radio world and how they dont want to change what they do.

To me, technology and the radio world are phenomenal, they define me. I like immersing myself in what I do, I like making people sound well. Its also nice that I get to be in the background, not on the microphone, where I get shy and I dont understand why.

Here I can see people developing. I like a proverb that says if you find a job you like, its like adding 5 days to every week and I think that, at Joy FM, we do exactly that, we made this saying come true. I cant call it work. I believe that when you do something you like, it cant be called working.

The Joy FM team are passionate about life, people with good influence over the world around them, and about the Christian moral values, which they try to share in the simplest and most practical way.

If we read the Bible, we see Jesus chose to be around people, not to stay somewhere up on a podium and talk to them using words they couldnt understand. On the contrary, you see him sitting at the table with tax-gatherers, sinners, even with women who werent well-regarded in the society of those days. Jesus sat at the table with all of them. We try to do something similar: sharing the Gospel, the Good News and a powerful Christian message, but, at the same time, we try to be relevant for the age we live in, without twisting anyones arm.

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