The Ray Home, a place where orphans feel at home - AOTV report

The Christian childrens home for orphans in Dobreni, Neamt County, known by the name, Ray Home, has managed to change the lives of tens of children. The project was launched in 1995 by the Bethesda Maranathan Christian Mission through the support of several humanitarian organizations, churches and private individuals.

We began this project with the help of the Lord, this effort which is called Ray House , or a childrens home, in 1995. Immediately after the Revolution, together with other brothers who came from outside the country, we visited many State orphanages, and seeing the disaster there we thought we should have our own Christian home in which to shelter children that we could give guidance to and raise in a way that was different than the way they d been raised up until then in Romania, indicated Miahi Gavril, Founder of Casa Ray, Dobreni, Neamt County.

From 1995 to the present more than 150 children have benefitted from the help received here in this home where theyve not only recevied physical care , but spiritual direction as well. In the center there are more than 20 children.

Ray Home is home to 22 children. We have children from the age of 6 to 22 years. They live here, eat three meals a day, sleep here, leave for school, then do their homework here. Ray Home is eveything that means a home for them, said Madalina Gavril, Administrator of Casa Ray, Dobreni, Neamt County.

In this home we have established several priorities. The first is glorifying God, the second is salvation (for them to be saved), and the third priority is guidance for the orphans, added Miahi Gavril, Founder of Casa Ray, Dobreni, Neamt County.

The childrens stories are heartbreaking. They come from underprivileged families.

I was abandoned when I was small, since I was just a baby. Mom and Dad argued a lot due to Dad being an alcoholic, and Mom left him, said Alexander Tulbure.

I was raised for a time, up to about the 2nd grade, by my grandparents where the conditions we very poor, said Constantin Guguianu .

I was born into a poor family. My dad is stll an alcoholic and a heavy smoker, and my mom is not well due to several traumas experienced throughout her life, said Antonio Vacaru.

Up until coming to the center in Dobreni, for them, God was, at most, just a story.

I didnt know anything about God. For me God was just a story or a fairytale. I didnt believe in anything like that, said Alexander Tulbure.

Being a child I really didnt understand what they were saying about the Lord Jesus and I thought they were just stories. I arrived here and received a Bible. At the time a saw it as just a textbook, said Antonio Vacaru.

If the public child protection system in Romania does not yet offer a solution for young people who must leave the placement centers after the age of 18, at Ray Home they continue to receive support.

We thank the Lord that in this center at present there are 22 children between the ages of 6 and 22 years. We keep them here, even those over 18 years of age. Part of them are (university) students, others are attending professional schools, and we keep them until they find a way to make a living, stressed Miahi Gavril, Founder of Casa Ray, Dobreni, Neamt County.

Ray Home, for me, is like a family, even if others consider it to be just an orphanage. But Ray Home is our family, the house were we were raised and where we learned good teaching, and where most of us came to know the Lord Jesus, added Antonio Vacaru.

Even though their childhoods were marked by family difficulties, at Ray Home in Dobreni, Neamt County, these children have found love and been drawn close to God.

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