Radio Christian Bistrita Broadcasts for 10 years

In the media landscape of Bistrita-Nasaud County, a Christian radio station was born, which brought added value to the community. It was a challenge for those who were involved in the "Radio Bistrita" project.

Cristian Rauca, programming director, Radio Bistrita: Having radio experience working at "The Little Samaritan", I was happy to take on this challenge. I can say that , with God's help, that is how Radio Bistrita began in 2009. We began with a few hours at a local radio station in Bistrita, but during the years the hours have increased, and we reached 4 hours, and now 6 hours.

From the beginning, the project has had the support of "Holy Trinity Church" in the municipal of Bistrita.

Victor Cimpean, Pastor, Holy Trinity Church, Bistrita: Here are the offices, in the church basement. God helped us a few years ago to buy the city's radio station which was called "Radio Bistrita". We are thankful to God that since then we recieved authorization in the Christian-cultural domain.

Initially, there was a general license which was trasformed into one having a confessional character stemming from the desire to try to draw people near to God, regardless of their cultural or religious indentity.

Cristian Rauca: For approximately 4 years, from 2014 to 2018, we filed at least five requests to the National Audiovisual Council to approve this crossover from a general license to a thematic one.

Victor Cimpean: Yes, Radio Bistrita is a blessing for us because we also transmit live religious services. The church services, the ones on Sunday, are broadcast on Radio Bistrita. Then everything related to sermons and studies from other churches as well. We've even had very good feedback from people of other confessions who enjoy listening.

Radio Bistrita broadcasts 24 hours a day on the local 106FM frequency on the "" ( site. The program schedule offers programs for the soul, but information of general interest, as well.

Cristian Rauca: Our program schedule has pretty much been established. I could say that half has remained as it was at the start, and half is what we wanted to bring on as something new and fresh. We have kept the news, we've retained an informative character since being a local station there is need for locals to be informed, so we decided to have both secular news and news of a Christian nature. We've kept, of course, the morning and evening news slots, but we also have educational shows. We have new programs which we've included such as talk show style dialogues. We have programs that discuss business ideas, how to start a business, specially aimed at Christian business people. We have portions, for example after 2 p.m. which we've entitled, "Afternoon Hours", during which we want to address people who may be suffering, who probably stay home a lot. Our purpose as a radio station, as a church with a braodcast license, is for people to know God.

In the local community, Radio bistrita has been noted by people of different confessions.

Cristian Rauca: From 2009, even though we only had 2 hours, after that 4 hours, people let us know--by telephone, on the street, through messages recieved--that they'd been touched in difficult moments in their lives, perhaps by accidently coming across this signal. Then there are people who listen to us in the office, those who listen in the car. I've met people many times as I travelled whom I heard listening to Radio Bistrita.

Presently, Radio Bistrita has a coverage area of approximately 20 km in the municipality, but we desire to enlarge the area to cover the whole Bistrita-Nasaud County.

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