The Tabernacle at Ceica 2019

For several years now, in the Bihor community of Ceica, an event named The Tabernacle has taken place. Its a spot where Christians of different confessions pray together and hear the Word of God. From the beginning, the organizers of the River of Love Church wanted to go beyond the church walls to have an impact in their community.

Florin Dan, organizer, River of Love Church in Ceica, Bihor County:Our desire for this meeting, just as in the last 2-3 years, was to hold it for our Ceica community. On this basis I spoke with Madam Mayor who was delighted with the idea that we would pray for our community. I personally requested the collaboration of the other evangelical churches. No affirmative answer came from them, but we continue to move forward because we know that it is beneficial for each category of residents, as much for the children as for the teens, as well as for families.

Lidia Dan, Oradea: The worship songs, the praise, the Word of God proclaimed with power...I believe that beyond what people hear, beyond what people receive, I believe that there is a piercing through to the spiritual world.

The speakers invited to these meetings bring a message of Gods love, of faith, and an encouraging word for Christians from different denominations.

Florin Dan: We have guest speakers who are pastors from independent churches in Romania, one being pastor Sami Caba. Also, since in this area pastor Jean Chiforeanu from Timisoara had never ministered in this zone, we were happy that he responded positively. And, of course, our old collaborators from the Messianic Jews movement are a part of our work at Ceica.

During the tabernacle meeting, participants enjoyed personal prayer, and experienced the presence of God.

Dorel Bonaciu, Lower Lugasu, Bihor County: God is the one who takes care of us, helps us and gives us victory in all that we do. When we are with Him, and He is with us, He takes care of us.

Ionela Bonaciu, Lower Lugasu, Bihor County: We came here together with several souls who do not yet fully know Jesus Christ. We came with the desire for them to experience the same touch of the Holy Spirit, to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to do His full work in their lives.

Florin Ilea, Lower Lugasu, Bihor County: I hope the Lord will touch others as He has touched me. I was sick with cancer, but God be blessed, has power and touched me.

Daniel Drumea, organizer, River of Love Church in Ceica, Bihor County: I am glad for the outpouring of the Holy Spirits presence, for His glory, just as in the days of Moses when it filled the Tabernacle, we believe that He has filled and continues to fill everyone who comes to these meetings.

These open-air events, less formal compared to those which take place in a religious intitution, are a way to express religious freedom and to draw believers who have the opportunity to here the Gospel message.

Ghita Pasca, Ceica, Bihor County: People come, who for different reasons dont usually enter a church, and whom we do not know very well, but here it seems they are more relaxed, more comfortable with the surroundings. Coming here they here about God and this makes me glad.

Lidia Dan: Im glad to be here at The Tabernacle, the place where God has impacted me many times over the years. In fact it has been a spiritual resting place for me.

The organizers of The Tabernacle in Ceica desire for people in the community and surrounding area to have a personal meeting with God regardless of which confession they belong to.

Daniel Drumea: I really like the idea of the tabernacle, a missionary God who always changing, never ceases in discovering Himself, revealing Himself, who always has something new and who desires availability on our part. To be available as the Hebrews were in past times, always looking at the tabernacle, at the cloud which was over the tent. And when the cloud moved, they moved as well, always keeping an eye out. This dependence on the Holy Spirit, I think God wants to bring a similar meeting from the tabernacle.

Through ministry of The Tabernacle in Ceica, the initiators want to accentuate the need for a deeper knowledge of God.

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