Bucharest Victory Square Prayer Meeting

Many evangelical churches in Bucharest initiated an oudoor prayer meeting in Victory Square in the capital. The organizers called Christians, regardless of their confession, to prayer for Romania to be transformed through the Truth of God. We spoke with Pastor Toni Berbece, from Profides Church, about the importance of such an event.

Toni Berbece, Pastor of Profides Church in Bucharest: Prayer on the national level is very important because we do not fight evil only from a physical point of view, and here Im referring to doing good deeds, donating, being involved in society, in politics, in education and all of the other structure of the State. There is also a spiritual warfare which we all see. Just as the material world exists, there is also a spiritual world, angels and demons exist, God exists, the devil who seeks to fool people exists. Not all people understand these things, but we who have been illuminated by God and understand this spiritual battle cannot stay out of the fight. The Word of God calls us, those who have understood this--if My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, will seek My face, and turn to Me--then God will answer from Heaven above. See, prayer has a colossal importance for any nation.

Editor: The place where the Christian concert and the moments of prayer took place was Victory Square, known as a spot where protests take place, where people usually express their discontent. Victory Square was not chosen by chance.

Toni Berbece: Victory Square has become a place of protests and we thought we would come with the most beneficial protest, that is to protest before Heaven, to seek God and to request for God show mercy on our nation. I believe that Heaven is the first door that we Romanians need to knock on, then the other doors surely will easily open to us, whether it be the doors in the hearts of politicians, or whether we need the Schengen zone to open, or other problems that Romana has. The first door we need to knock on in the door of Heaven and I believe that we have managed to open it.

E: This was a premier event for the Romanian capital, this prayer meeting. How did churches respond?

Toni Berbece: It was pretty difficult to unite the vast majority of faiths in Romania, especially the evangelical churches. It was truly difficult. Personally, I was surprised that in the end, all those invited came, even if it was with some difficulty, and much reluctance, they came. We even were able to all meet together to talk, to hug one another, to pray together and encourage each other and to come into agreement on things concerning this event. I had great joy seeing all these spiritual leaders shaking hands, sitting at the same table, eating together, even joking, praying for this event, then actually doing it, going out to the Square with the churches, our congregations, with our members to praise God and each spiritual leader giving an exhortation to prayer, and finally, to call the Romanian people to prayer, because there were many who watched us via Alfa Omega television and on other channels.

E: The event in Victory Square was a first step. What will come next?

Toni Berbece: For certain we will not stop here. We will continue. We are looking at next year and other events of the same magnitude or even larger. My dream, which I have repeated many times in the last few years and for which I pray together with Profides Church, is get to the National Arena and fill this stadium with however many God wants. To praise God there, Christians to come from all over the country, even from outside the country, Romanians from the diaspora, foreigners even, since there were people at this event from outside that are not necessarily of the same nationality as us and we rejoiced at this unity.

The verse that represents the motto of the prayer meeting in Victory Square in Bucharest was the one from 2 Chronicles 7:14: if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

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