Superbook evangelistic Christmas events in western Romania

Christmas, the celebration of the birth of our Savior, is one of the most wonderful times of the year. Children can start celebrating by learning more about Christmas before the holiday actually begins. It is beneficial and very important to teach children the true meaning of Christmas.

Nowadays, people generally dont know what Christmas really is. It revolves around Santa Claus, tasty food and so on. Those arent bad, but Jesus is the reason for the season.

Many churches are organizing events for children using Superbook resources provided by CBN and Alfa Omega TV. Recently, Fathers House Church from Deta, Timis County, organized a festival held at the Community Center. Over 180 children participated together with their parents and grandparents.

It is a wonderful thing if the parents know what is wrong and what is right or if they start learning what the difference between the two is.

I was pleasantly surprised. Usually, when we organize something in Deta, children come along with their parents. This time, we also had people coming from the villages near Deta. Participants included a school principal, a religion teacher and some other teachers who came together with their students. Among them was a choreographer who was also followed by students.

The participants watched The First Christmas episode which explores the birth of our Savior. The children answered the questions that were asked, they received gifts, sang songs and took pictures with Gizmo, the robot, one of the Superbook characters that children love.

The event organized in Deta was enjoyed by all, both children and parents.

I came here to watch the cartoon.

What is your favourite character from Superbook ?


We came here to watch a movie about the Lord Jesus.

- What movie did you watch ?

- Superbook.

- What was it about ?

- It was about Jesus Christ.

I came here to watch this movie and to learn more about the first Christmas. My favorite character was Gizmo. In fact, I like all the characters.

Jesus is my life, He is my world. I wouldnt have existed without Him because He is the One who created me. He gave me a home, a family and my sister. He is everything to me.

It was nice and children had fun.

The Lord Jesus came to dwell in our hearts, to bring us peace, harmony and joy with this occasion.

Watching Superbook, I remembered I used to watch it as a kid. I enjoyed seeing this remake and I think the children also loved it. Overall, they seemed to be happy.

My son said he was impressed that the other kids were attentive, behaved well and they were glad to watch Superbook.

Another Superbook event was organized in the Biled village of the Timis county and gathered around 150 people.

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