Superbook evangelistic event in Baia Mare, northern Romania - Feb 2018

The Superbook evangelistic project continues to touch Romanian childrens lives. The newest event took place in the city of Baia Mare. Organized by Filadelfia Church in Baia Mare in partnership with Alfa Omega & CBN, it addressed children aged 4 to 12.

We really wished to organize such an important event.There are many children here. Besides our churchs children, the community includes a great number of children in need of Jesus, of the Bible, in need of knowing God.

These needs have to be fulfilled in a way that is appropriate for young children, therefore we decided to organize an event suitable for kids, attempting to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. It was an extraordinary event !

Over 150 children were present, both Christian and non-believers. I felt Gods presence today, but more so in organizing this event as even if we faced countless obstacles, we could feel God caring for and standing besides us.

I think this type of projects need to be repeated very often. They are a great way of bringing Gods Word to the children and as close to their hearts as possible.

Childrens ministry is an important part of the church because they represent our future. Therefore the message of the Bible must be presented in an accessible way and Superbook manifestations manage to make it to the childrens hearts.

The children who participated are not just children who go to church. There were many children coming from families that dont usually go to church. Yet their response was extraordinary and when the time came to sing The Salvation Poem, everybody participated.

This is truly important because if life and death are in the power of the tongue is a truism for us, the adults, it is just as valid for children.

The evangelistic event organized in Baia Mare attracted over 150 children who sang, played and watched the Miracles of Jesus episode.

From todays cartoon I learned that God is with us and we can trust He will protect and heal us. I liked the video a lot because it taught us something a lot of people may not know: wangling is wangling and Jesus is the only One who can work miracles.

The part I liked the most about today was when we played with balloons. From the animated movie I learned that Jesus can make a lot of miracles.

The Superbook episode is what I liked the most. I learned that you should never trust an impostor.

I watch it together with my boy. We dont really skip it because the cartoons nowadays are awfully aggressive, unhelpful and dont really contain anything to learn from. On the contrary, Superbook is exceptional because what we see there can be applied to real-life situations with results demonstrating its value.

Through the Superbook animated movie, the message of the Bible is delivered to the children in a clear and simple way.

I believe it is an important tool because it helps the children apprehend the spiritual dimensions and the truths of the Bible, which is neither obsolete, nor outdated. It is an instrument, making the Bible easy to understand and up-to-date.

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