Superbook events in Bihor county, western Romania - June 2018

The Superbook evangelism project for children reached the Romany community of Tinca village, Bihor county. The People to People Foundation, based in Oradea, partnered with Alfa Omega TV and, together, they organized an evangelistic event in Baile Tinca as part of ProRoma Christian Primary Schools project.

Being already engaged in Tinca villages formal education project at the Romany private school, People to People Foundation, Oradea, organized an event in Baile Tinca. A great number of children living in the village and in other nearby villages such as Dumbrava, Cauas, Gurbediu, Tulca were invited to meet Gizmo.

They watched together a Superbook episode and had the chance to hear a short message of encouragement.

We organized todays event called A Child Is a Miracle in order to accentuate that these Gypsy children we are working with are a miracle. The children watched the Superbook episode, Miracles of Jesus, sang and played together.

We wished they would see this movie about Jesus miracles so that they would know God takes care of us on a daily basis and He can provide for our needs.

Children like to go on day trips such as this one to Baile Tinca. They knew this movie because we have the old Superbook series and we watch it at the kindergarten usually around holidays. They cant wait to watch it!

What I liked the most about today was the Superbook cartoons.

What did you like the most about the cartoons ?

It was when God calmed the waters, I mean, the storm.

What was your favourite character from todays cartoon ?

- Chris.

- Why ?

Because he was faithful and listened to God.

The Superbook animated movie is used in Bihor county at Dumbrava Child Care Center with the purpose of transmitting Bibles message to the little ones.

I heard that Alfa Omega TV came here with Gizmo and the children knew this cartoon. We have bought the Superbook series and the children were crazy

about Gizmo. They are a bit shy and distant, so I think this was a good opportunity for them to connect with other kids.

I think that every event is a new step towards their personal growth.

Another similar event was organized for children at Betania Christian Center

in Oradea. They watched Superbooks Prodigal Returns.

For tonight, we chose the episode about the prodigals return because we wanted a story in which Jesus is present. It was about returning home, submission and forgiveness and its important for the children to remember this.

My favourite episode is Noah and the Ark.

Why ?

Because it taught me one has to always be bold.

The kids activities planed within the Superbook evangelistic events are an investment made for their future.

Bibles message can be better conveyed when using games. The children these days are facing medias excedent influence. This way, they are challenged to go deeper into Gods Word in a direct and active manner. I can say this is Gods Word for children in 2018.

Superbooks Salvation Poem became a favourite song in hundreds of Romanian homes. The children can sing it with their friends at school, after-school or at church.

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