Superbook App has a great impact in Romania

The Superbook mobile app, launched a few months ago in Romania, had a very strong impact. Almost 30,000 Romanians downloaded Superbook on their phones or tablets.

A 2019 statistic, which took into consideration data from countries where the app is used, showed that Romania ranks 4th, following the USA, the Philippines and Mexico.

With regards to the number of unique visitors, our country is number one, with over 11,400 visitors. In March, most people were interested in the question of the day, photos and video clips, as well as in reading the Bible. Moreover, over 200 children said they received Jesus into their hearts.

Mihaela Nita, digital media producer, Alfa Omega TV: Unfortunately, many children spend hours behind the screen of a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Therefore, as theyre spending this time on the internet, they should use it to their benefit.

I encourage you, the parents, to download the Superbook app. Help kids learn the Bible principles right from the start through this method!

I believe this app is beneficial both for children and adults. The Superbook app offers children the possibility to watch full episodes on a phone or tablet, to engage in interactive activities and to learn Christian principles.

Superbook is a project mainly aimed at children, realized by CBN and developed in Romania by Alfa Omega TV since 2016.

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