Superbook Evangelistic Events in Brasov, central Romania - Dec. 2018

Presented by the means of animated movies, the message of the Gospel reached dozens of children in Brasov county. Punctul Zero and Rugul Aprins churches hosted Superbook evangelistic events.

There is only one reason why we chose to organize this great event. I will tell you the reason: we gathered here tonight to celebrate and to make known the Name of the Only One without whom there would be no Christmas.

We all rejoice today Celebrating your Birth. Oh, Jesus, Holly God You came down on Earth Leaving the heavens glory To come and give us a new life You left Your heaven Demonstrating Your deep love Born in a humble way In a manger, Holy Child You werent welcomed elsewhere There was no other place for You But were glad Youre here today We sing alongside angels Worshiping our dear Savior Saying: Youre most welcome here !

According to the organizers, the parents, even those who are not believers, found the activities to be most welcomed. Tonight we gathered around 120 children, of which 40 are frequenting Punctul Zero Church and the remaining 80 dont come from a Christian background.

I talked to many nonbelieving parents, and I find this very important, and they said they enjoyed it very much. They were impressed with the way we organized the event and by the fact that, according to what it is written on my T-shirt, Happy Kids, we displayed and brought joy to the kids.

When I got up on the stage for the first time, I was absolutely amazed seeing how God brought here so many people.

Local churches in Brasov were able to hold Bible studies for children through the Superbook evangelism project.

The idea of organizing such an event came right from Alfa Omega. I contacted you personally in order to obtain season one of Superbook. Two months ago, I started to teach the children using an episode per week as a teaching tool. This is how it goes: we watch it, I tell them a few words and then we pray together.

We reached episode seven of the first season and we had the opportunity to organize such an event. We have meetings for children and youths on Saturdays and, for this occasion, I thought It would be nice to get out of the church, go to a hall as nice as this one to lift up the Name of the Lord through carols, songs and poems.

Through the Superbook cartoons, the children can understand the Bible more easily, assimilate healthy values, learn songs and play.

This study began two months ago when it was requested to allow children to watch Christian animated movies in church. Now, our children come home transformed.

Tonight they have learned about Jesus Christs Birth. When our kids return home from this study held at church, they tell us about the cartoons, the characters and for us this is a reason to be happy because we saw important changes in their lives, both emotionally and on their minds.

Roxana, my ten-year-old daughter, began reading the Bible and that amazes me. Our kids will grow up and they will understand things differently. As theyre growing up, they will understand more and more.

This event was meant especially for children to understand how Jesus Christ came to our world.

I like Gizmo a whole lot! Hes a funny character.

I like Superbook a lot ! I want to learn more from the Bible.

My favourite character is Gizmo because he is funny and, somehow, he makes me behave like him.

My favourite episode is the one in which the Pharaoh and Moses appear. I learned that the commandments help you very much in life and bring you happiness.

There is the seventh episode, the one with Daniel. I learned that prayer is powerful and that it can help you anytime.

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