Kenosis, the "Wood Story" that Brings People Together

Fifteen years ago, a Swede, Andreas Samuelsson, came to Romania with the desire to help people in poverty stricken areas and teach them how to develop themselves.

Andreas Samuelsson, Founder of Kenosis: I have always been fascinated by people who dedicate their lives to something. They dont work to earn money, but truly live by something that comes from their heart.

Those with whom he works are young people who have been marginalized in their communities.

Andreas Samuelsson, Founder of Kenosis: This is a group of people to whom, many times, no one has offered a chance. I think I came about this passion in my life by the fact that, perhaps, I too was pushed down sometimes, and Ive experienced being ignored or marginalized, or not being chosen.

Nature can be a source of inspiration for the way by which God changes a man. Wood that has knots and cracks is processed and transformed into diverse products: cutting blocks, tables, furniture. Thats how Kenosis began.

Andreas Samuelsson, Founder of Kenosis: Its a story. When I want to the village of Taut, on a country dirt road I found a pile of untended firewood. There, in that pile, I found a piece that was just too beautiful in my opinion to be used for firewood. I got a vision, several, that it deserved to become a table. I took that piece, I got it for free, since anyway it didnt hold any value for the owner. I began to sand it, I cut it without ruining the shape, to give it honor. The idea is, by sanded it, I also resolved some of the cracks which were too big. I sanded it and it became an extraordinarily beautiful piece.

Cosmin Răsbici: I think the same things can be reflected in the lives of people. People are broken, crushed and have cracks. In the moment that we begin to work a bit with the Holy Spirit, with the love of Christ, men begin to be restored and reach the value that God intended them to have.

The project developed into a social business in the community of Giarmata, a few kilometers away from Timisoara.

Andreas Samuelsson, Founder of Kenosis: This is not my company. Its their company. Its a Ltd. Liability Company which belongs to them. When I leave, I can take nothing with me, it stays with them. I want to say a in a few words that this is how we build the Kingdom of Heaven, or a new society where Roma, Romanians and Swedes, and others can live together.

Daniel Kui: This is what we try to do, to weave the business side together with the social side and invest in society around us. Basically, the resources of the business belong to the ones involved in this project.

For those that have joined the project, Kenosis means a family, a place where they were accepted and were taught a skill.

Daniel Kui: I think this is what I like best of all: here the individual is important, relationships matter, it matters how you make money, not just that you make it.

Martin Nicola: Its been a year and 5 months since I came, maybe a even a bit more. In the beginning we didnt know how to put a table together, to make cutting blocks, and other things.

Valentin Mereu: The first thing for me was the wood, because I worked with this material and I like it. After that the other boys from the community came and I remained with them.

Valeriu Boca: I like to work with Vali. I make cutting boards. Ive been working for about 5 months.

Natania-Aida Ardelean: You can look at a piece of wood and say that it as no value. Or you can look at it and see the potential of the wood and you can see that it might become a work of art. I really enjoy this kind of vision. We can look at people in the same way.

Iulian Iancu: I found a very welcoming place here, with people of the highest quality, with Andreas at the head.

The vision of the Kenosis project is to invest in people, thus fulfilling the Word of God.

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