Prayer Breakfast 2019, in the Romanian Parliament - Dubbed

The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest recently hosted the 14th edition of the annual Prayer Breakfast event. The event, which is of great interest to the political class as well as to the Church, is organized by the Ecumenical Prayer Group of Parliament.

Dumitru Mihalescul, the president of the Ecumenical Prayer Group of Parliament: Im happy to be a part of the prayer group. There is much work to do, but as Christians, we must go outside of the church. Not just to pray, but also to be active. If Romania is in the situation that she is today, each one of us must look to see where we are, if things are good it is to our merit, if things are not good then we are all guilty.

Ionuț Mavrichi, Patriarchal Couselor, Romanian Patriarchate: It is a joy and a privilege for all of us to be able to meet with political leaders who exhibit a Christian testimony. The Christians of our country are hopeful that they are represented according to/based on their values as well.

Titus Corlățean, PSD Senator: The message we have sent to the Parliament today is a message of confidence in the Christian values of Romania and of Europe.

Virgil Achihai, President of the Brethren Church in Romania: Have in mind the history of this event and Im very glad that more and more it is connected to the realities of our country.

Marcel Vela, PNL Senator: The prayer group is a place in which we forget about all the political problems and troubles, a place where we each find ourselves because we feel unity, love and faith in God.

This years edition was attended by nearly 600 guests from the Romanian Parliament and Government, Christian leaders, cultural personalities, guests from the United States of America, Asia, and Europe. In their presentationa the speakers indicated that spiritual reform is needed in Europe and in the world.

Priest and University Professor, Dr. Stelian Tofana, of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology Cluj-Napoca: We all recognize the state of things. So, what must we do? I will answer this question with the Bible. This is the Book on which the history of the human race must be based.

Florica Chereches, PNL Deputy: I was impressed with the messages that were addressed to the crowd by the president of the Academy, professor Dr. Ioan-Aurel Pop, and by Professor, Father Stelian Pop, because they reminded us that Romania and Europe, and the whole world, need first of all, a spiritual reformation.

Prof. Dr. Ioan-Aurel Pop, President of the Romanian Academy: A united Europe, in my opinion, must be a concert of nations inspired by a common ideal that is not primarily economic, political, nor administrative, but spiritual or cultural.

Ioan Otniel Bunaciu, dean, The Faculty of Baptist Theology, Bucharest: Im glad that we are many here that have come as people of God to discuss an important problem, not just at the confessional or personal level, but important also for the Romanian society.

Florin Cimpean, pastor, Chicago: God calls us to be people of character, people of integrity not just in church, but in society, in business, in politics, in academics, and in the public square.

George Duma, pastor, London: I think its good to unite ourselves in religious and political factors, from the business arena to discuss, to pray and to share. I think one of the most important things is to pray for the good of our nation.

The participants acknowledged the need for active involvement in society and the importance of prayer.

Victor Cimpean, pastor, Bistrita: When there are people who pray and seek the face of God, the Bible says that God will heal their land.

Doru Cirdei, pastor, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova: I think that prayer in parliament, prayer in the political arena can make a difference.

Timotei Mitrofan, director, Romania Bible League: I realize that when the people of God pray something happens.

Vasilică Croitor, pastor, Medgidia: The fact that we are at a Prayer Breakfast says it all. There exists a freedom that our ancestors never dreamed of.

Danut Iacob, pastor, Italy: I think that the government, politicians, the people that lead us need prayer.

Emil Mestereaga, pastor, Pentecostal Theological Institute, Bucharest: Using this occasion I would call all believers who understand that God is the One who can bless Romania, to unite and to call upon the Name of the Lord for the country.

From the various presentations at this years editon of the Prayer Breakfast it came to the forefront that it is neccesary that the observance of God given values be found on the agenda of those who lead a nation.

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